Hair fall it affects both gender group, women are highly affected with this hair fall issue. Either your hair gets thinner or there will be decrease in hair density. After this hair fall, your hair loses its beauty, grace and naturally the hair life gets reduced. Indian women’s generally have long and shiny hair, when you get this hair fall issue then hair gets completely damaged and looses its natural beauty.  If you’re looking on to get a complete solution for the hair fall and get the hair nourished naturally, then here comes best remedy on this content. Once you get up immediately in the morning and when you look at your pillow, you get worried on seeing plenty of hair in it. Yes it is the hair fall issue.  Come let us know the possible root causes of hair fall issue and get cleared from this problem completely.

Possible Root Causes of Hair Fall

Over styling of hair

To style your hair you do dyeing of hair, coloring of it, using hot curling machines, flat irons, using blow dryers, hair sprays, chemical based hair serums and using old and unhygienic hair brushes. All of this can highly damage your hair. That will break it. Do you know when you dry your hair using towel, towel drying of hair for prolonged period can cause damage to the hair and when you comb your hair when it is wet in condition, all that can affect the hair and causes thinning of hair, thereby bringing hair damage naturally.

Physical Stress-

If you’re over stressed that can affect your hair texture and lead to natural loss of hair. After undergoing an accident or affected by flu or if you underwent the major surgery, typhoid fever all this can trigger out for loss of hair.


Immediately after delivery of baby you may experience the hair fall issue, it’s all commonly occurring one in pregnancy of women.

Imbalance in proteins and vitamins-

In women’s diet if it is lack of protein, then that can cause hair fall issues on them, if your diet in high or over dosage of vitamins especially vitamin-A  that can also lead to falling of hair and finally thinning of the hair.


Hereditary of hair loss issue from their parents can also bring this problem among their children’s.

Poor dietary habits-

To get a healthy diet, your diet must have carbohydrate, potassium, fatty acids and minerals. When you’re diet is deficient in any of the nutrient, that will cause hair fall issues.

Hormonal imbalance-

If you use contraceptive pills or undergoing menopausal stage that can cause thinning of hair and natural hair loss.

Emotional Stress-

Emotional stresses like anxiety, tension, stress, worried in relationship and excess of brainstorming, all that will cause thinning of hair.

Side effects of Diseases-

Chemotherapy, hypothyroidism and anemia in a person that can cause side affect leading to hair fall.

Hair Care Solution At Home


hair fall

Coconut is actually a natures boom, it is enriched with all essential oil which nourishes the hair, just take the coconut and grate it well and take coconut milk from it using mixer grinder, then you can apply this milk on your hair overnight, then on next day morning after getting up give a nice wash to your hair. Also you can slightly warm the coconut oil and apply this on your hair especially on the scalp region; this will nourish your hair. Thus hair damage is prevented and thus safeguarding your hair and strengthening it from the roots of hair.


hair fall

It is also known as shoe flower, it is the best remedy for hair fall issues. You can take few hibiscus flowers and make paste out of it, then mix that well on sesame oil or coconut oil, and then you can massage your hair well with this mixture in the scalp region, and then rinse it with normal water, if you wish you can mildly shampoo your hair after this mixture usage on hair.


hair fall

You can make juice out of amla or take amla powder and mix that with lemon juice and apply it well scalp region, this gives you good results. From the ancient period to till now amla is used in hair care management, amla is loaded with vitamin A, C, D, and E, thus on using this you can stay away from thinning of hair issues.


hair fall

Eggs are loaded with zinc, iron, sulphur and protein, it helps to strengthen your hair and prevent from hair fall, you can take a bowl to it add an whole egg, nicely whip it, now to it add few drops of olive oil and mix thoroughly, now apply this mixture to the scalp region fully and leave it for half an hour, by doing so your hair gets energized and strengthened, after this you can rinse the hair using mild base shampoo.

Fenugreek seeds

hair fall

Fenugreek seeds are loaded with vitamin B12 and vitamin-E, also it contains folic acid this all nutrients gives nourishment to your hair. Just take 3 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water on overnight, then on next day you can grind it well to make a paste of it and apply it on hair scalp region and leave it for ½ an hour, then rinse well your hair using mild shampoo.


hair fall

In hair care henna has a major role, you can simply grind henna and make paste out of it and mix with curd and eggs, by doing so your hair gets conditioned well and thus you can prevent the thinning of hair and thus you can stay away from hair fall issues.

If you perform the given remedies at home, then undoubtedly your hair gets natural shine and glows naturally. Get nourished well and you can be free from the hair fall issues. Why delay in starting this awesome remedies just give a try and do it at home and get a beautiful, healthy hair which is free from hair damage.

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