Food is the most important thing which keeps as nourished. After eating food particularly heavy meals we feel like heavy or sluggishness then bloating of the stomach results. These symptoms are very common and these symptoms are addressed by most of us. Once you finish eating, the food eaten should keep you nourished, refreshed and energized. One should feel much energized and should feel like world can be taken over by that person, that much of power. The food combination principles are developed for good digestion and for proper gut health. Simply these food combination rules help us in recommending what order each nutrient has to be taken for better digestion and assimilation of food without any digestive discomforts. So, this food combination rules are highly recommended for the persons with irritable bowel syndrome.

Not only healthy digestive system is attained after following the food combination principle, but also clear and healthy shiny skin is attained, also natural weight management is achieved through this. The concept is each macro nutrient requires different digestive enzymes and they get digests in our body at various speed levels. Bad food combinations can cause belching, abdominal cramps, bloating and flatulence.

In our diet generally protein requires acidic environment, elsewhere carbohydrate requires alkaline environment. So, in both these macro nutrient digestions digestive enzyme differs, for protein digestion pepsin is required and for carbohydrate digestion ptyalin is required. When you eat beef burger, that time alkaline and acidic environments are released from the burger causing neutralization and which may further lead to the development of bloating, flatulence, indigestion and tiredness.

Bad food combination causes our body to totally confuse and there will be need to release of all digestive enzymes to digest those foods that becomes barrier to our digestive system. So, try to understand the food combination principle and follow accordingly which helps in preventing from food poisoning.

The in-digested food particles pass through the blood stream causing finally food sensitivity, also Candida can be formed in your gut leading to the growth of bad microbes. There is a rule that fruits to be eaten alone and not along with meals, since fruits are loaded with simple sugar it can digest very easily between 20- 30 minutes elsewhere protein rich diet takes 4 hours to digest, so to aid in better digestion it is advised to have fruits separately. The ideal time to have fruits is on an empty stomach, to avoid bloating, flatulence and prevent the growth of bad microbes on your gastrointestinal tract.

You can combine organic chicken with cauliflower and sauteed kale, also healthy practice of food combination is to include fish with broccoli and beans. The other way to combine turkey is along with take bell pepper, Swiss chard and onions. You can combine starchy foods along with good fats and vegetables to have better digestion. Brown rice can be had along with sweet potatoes. Beans and legumes are bad combination food since it contains both protein and starch, so they should not be combined together in diet.

Green leafy vegetables can be combined together with non-starchy vegetables; they wouldn’t cause any harmful effect in gastrointestinal tract. Initially you can have green leafy vegetables in your diet and then you can have other foods in your diet. For healthy food choice in food combination, try including one macro nutrient along with non-starchy vegetables or green leafy vegetables. Do not drink water along with meals. Spices can be combined well with any citrus fruit and protein diet or along with fruit. Spices like turmeric can be combined well with either carbohydrate or protein or fat and along with take lemon or lime for better digestive aid.


If you’re preparing detox juice then you can include ginger or lemon to maximize its effects and promote healthier digestive effect. Foods prepared with less ingredients digests very easily since they require very less digestive enzyme to utilize. So, try to include one macro nutrient with leafy greens and consume fruits separately. You can prefer to eat a fruit 30 minutes before beginning your meals.


  • Try to have vegetable sandwich along with whole grain bread and sprouts.
  • Scrambled eggs can be combined together with mushrooms and spinach.
  • Rye flax seed toast goes well with grass-fed butter and avocado fruit.


  • Beans along with fruits, cheese, eggs, milk, meat and yogurt.
  • Grains along with fruits.
  • Hot drinks along with mangoes, cheese, fish, starches, meat and yogurt.
  • Lemon along with milk, yogurt, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Melons with any other food.
  • Tomatoes, potatoes with melons, cucumbers and dairy products.
  • Radishes along with raisins, milk and banana.
  • Yogurt along with cheese, hot drinks, milk, fruits and cheese.
  • Starchy foods with eggs, dairy products, dates, banana and teas.


  • Try to add cooling herbs with very spicy food to balance its effects.
  • Have coffee along with adding little cardamom so that the negative effects of coffee can be alleviated.
  • Different vegetables can be cooked altogether, so that harmoniously heat is applied overall to the vegetables and uniformity in cooking is enhanced.
  • Avoid eating acidic foods and carbohydrate foods in the same time.
  • Starchy foods and tomatoes should not be combined together.
  • Fatty diet should not be taken along with proteins.
  • Starchy foods should not be consumed with sugars.
  • Have milk separately without including it in any other food.

Thus, following these food combination principles decreases the load on the gastrointestinal tract, thus enhancing the gut health and eliminates the abdominal discomfort. I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like reading my article kindly share it with your friends and family members. Our health is precious, save it by adopting these simple food combination principles and enhance your digestive function.

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