Do you know severe disease problems were indicated by the symptoms on your skin?

In our human body, skin is the largest organ found. It protects us from other ailments. Skin can give as alert from danger signs. Thousands are nerve endings are surrounded in skin. Don’t ignore if you see any symptoms on skin, it can be a dangerous and serious disease arrival. Warning sign seen on the skin. It’s nothing but the danger sign of deadly diseases. Skin protects all our internal organs, bones, muscles and ligaments. There are 7 different layers present in our human skin. Like how mammals have skin, human skin also resembles the same. Exactly if you want to say means, pig’s skin is much similar to human skin. Many of us never mind when some new patches or spots or rashes seen on our skin, we just ignore it. Think it is as usual, a common occurring one. Nothing to worry, but don’t think so. You need to pay strong attention to your skin. Your skin can reflect the disease presence in your body. It acts as an indicator of showing the symptoms of severe diseases in our body.

In this session I am going to share you about different symptoms seen on skin, which remains as an indicator of chronic diseases.

1.Lower leg rashes

Lower leg rash is particularly ignored, it is found in shins. There will be scaly patch that is of brownish colour. These patches are not painful, but can be an indicator of presence of diabetic dermopathy. This diabetes dermopathy is nothing but severe alteration on your blood vessels seen when you are a diabetic.

2.Bluish skin

This can be a sign of cyanosis, you need to pay immediate attention and consult a doctor. If you do not have required amount of oxygen in blood, that could be the reason for blue colour skin.

3.Scaly patches

There can be scaly patches seen on skin, this is very common, but don’t forget it can be a sign of squamous cell carcinoma, one type of skin cancer. So get clarified with medical practitioner which is this patch.

4.Darkened skin

Skin colour if you notify it get’s changed suddenly to too dark in complexion and the surface of skin remains so velvety, then don’t ignore. It might be problems associated with diabetes mellitus. Acanthosis is the name of this condition. Just pay immediate attention and do necessary steps to get protected.


Lesion present on mucus membrane or leg or face, which is purple or brown in colour. That may be a sign of dangerous Kaposi’s sarcoma. It is another form of skin cancer. Mostly present among aids patients. So medical attention are highly required in this case.


When some injury to skin happens bruising occurs. It may be the symptom of iron-deficiency anaemia. Because of this the affected person may feel lethargic, week, faint and pale in colour.

7. Styes

It is an eyelid infection, commonly seen one. When you are a diabetic and when rise in blood sugar occurs, then immune system gets weekend and chances for infection of eyes. That is a must to be paid attention. So don’t ignore it.


8.Red rash

Red rashes on face, torso region or other extremities can be a indication of scarlet fever, though your skin is not exposed to sun, but it looked like burnt. It is kind of bacterial infection making the tongue gets irritated and looking it white in colour.

9.Asymmetrical moles

If you have asymmetrical moles in a different colour, that too bigger than the size of eraser, then you must consult physician soon. It can be sign of melanoma. Full body scan is required to check for these factors and get diagnosed, then take a proper treatment.

10.Blood vessels broken

Broken blood vessels seen on face, back, chest and shoulders are the warning signs of liver damage. It can even take over your life, so be careful with those signs and do proper treatment when necessary, better at the earliest thereby to avoid further complications.

I hope the above shared information will be really informative to everyone and thanks for taking immense time to read-out my article, if you found my article as useful one and good, then kindly like this content and keep sharing the article with your friends and family members, since sharing is like caring. Your feedback and comments on article are most welcome; it will really grow as well. You share this article among your groups so that the information get’s passed away and will definitely useful for someone who read it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, thanks once again. Keep waiting until I bring you new innovative content with lots of useful information in it. Till then it’s Ramya signing off from you. Have a healthy day.

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