Know the Surprising Nutritional Benefits and Medicinal Properties of Olives

Olives are considered as the most enjoyable fruits in the world, olives are oval in shape, and they belong to drupes or stone fruit family. Olives are naturally delicious fruit that has high healing property. Olives are similar to cherry, peach, mango, almond and pistachios. Every parts of olive tree are essential and have high medicinal value in it. These olives are loaded with lots of healthy fats and these fats are used in production of extra virgin olive oil.

The liquid fat which is obtained from olive fruit is the olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil remains as the main compound on Mediterranean diet. This edible fruit is obtained from olive tree, which can grow up to 12 meter height. Thus olives are highly nutritious.

Olives are used from our ancient period to till now; these olives are widely used in medical treatments and for culinary purposes. The other name for olive is olive fruit. These olives are more commonly used in Greece and Rome. In olive fruit, there are so many varieties are found. Olives are taken in salads form or as such raw itself and also in olive oil form. Eating olive oil regularly in diet is now a day’s seen more commonly on people by knowing the healing property of olive oil.

Mostly 90% of olives are used for olive oil production. One study says that the vitamin-E quantity is higher in olive fruits, these vitamin-E are the tocopherols, a powerful antioxidant. Eating Benefit of olive fruits will help in protecting against cardiac problems, osteoporosis and cancer. One cup of olives provides 4.4mg of iron.

Olive fruits are dense source of oleic acid, these oleic acids helps to maintain soft and healthy skin. Wrinkles are reduced, thus enhancing the appearance of face. Twenty percentage of your appetite is reduced by taking 10 numbers of olive fruit before your meal. These olives are believed to have higher fat burning effects by reducing the cholesterol level in blood. Thus it is really a boom to obese persons. If you have wrinkles on the face eating olives helps to reduce it up to 20 percentages, by giving skin younger and healthier look.


  1. Olives protect from peptic ulcers
  2. Olives boost the iron absorption
  3. Olives treat gout and arthritis
  4. Olives lower the cholesterol
  5. Olives prevent the cardiovascular disease
  6. Improves skin health
  7. Olives prevent the onset of cancer
  8. Benefits the gall bladder and liver
  9. Aids in weight loss
  10. Treats anemia effectively
  11. Enhances the vision power
  12. Increases the sexual performance



  • If you are affected by ringworm infections, then take a bowl to it add honey, beeswax and olive oil. Mix altogether well in a bowl and apply on the affected area of ringworm, it is an excellent remedy to treat ringworm infections.
  • Olive fruits help in reduction from the damage caused due to oxidation of free radicals and thus helping in ward off infections that is caused by bacteria.
  • The fertility rates in females are increased by regular intake of olives fruit in diet. A research study says that regular intake of olive oil in diet helps in boosting fertility rate in women, thereby increasing chances of pregnancy.
  • It is rich in iron content; it helps in protecting against anemia. An anemic individual remains easily fatigue; cognitive malfunction will be there, headache and stomach upsets are seen on them. These symptoms are prevented on daily consumption of olive fruit in diet. Even massage done with olive oil on whole body helps to improve the blood circulation.


  • The blood clots are prevented by intake of this fruit in diet, thus the occurrence of myocardial infarction is prevented by olives.
  • Regular intake of it helps in lowering the blood pressure.
  • The effects of Alzheimer’s disease and tumors are reduced by proper intake of it in diet.
  • The immune system is maintained healthy by taking of olive fruit in diet, so chronic viral diseases can be prevented by taking this fruits daily on your diet.
  • It is a good aphrodisiac. Sexual performance in men are enhanced by regular intake of olive fruit in daily diet, thus sex drive is increased. Black olive fruit helps in enhancing sex drive in men.
  • Eating this type fruit helps to increase the blood circulation, since they are power packed with iron and copper in it, which is required for formation of red blood cells.
  • Consumption of this fruit in daily diet helps in preventing from gout and arthritis occurrence. The uric acid deposit in blood is decreased and naturally using olive leaves and green olive fruits help in treating gout effectively. The leaf of olive tree has a high healing power of gout than the fruit.The polyphenol present in the fruit helps to reduce the stress level and also enhancing the memory power.
  • For those who are looking for weight loss, It acts as a best choice, it has higher fat burning effects and helps to cut down those extra fats from your body.


  • Olives contain cholesterol lowering property; it reduces the LDL level in blood.
  • The oleic acid is present in higher amount in this fruit; this oleic acid helps in protecting from cancer occurrence. These oleic acid helps in preventing DNA mutation and abnormal growth of cancerous cells.
  • The intensity and frequency of allergic reactions are lowered on regular consumption of this fruit. If you have psoriasis, rashes and acne problems then applying olive oil directly on skin helps to ease out the allergic condition and helps in healing of it.
  • Vitamin-D is highly present in it, not only vitamin-D but also calcium and phosphorous, these nutrients helps in enhancing bone health. The occurrence of osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children are prevented, when they are well fed with this fruit.
  • Olives act as a natural multi-vitamin supplement, due to its rich source of vitamin and minerals. Thus this fruit provide increased strength and energy to our system.
  • The vision health is improved and maintained by regular intake of this fruit in diet. 


Olives when they are freshly eaten, it tastes bitter, so fermentation is required. When fermentation process is carried on olives then the bitterness in fruit is gone away and also the digestive health properties are enhanced in it. In Mediterranean region, the olive fruits health benefits are recognized before 7000 years itself, olive fruits when they are younger stage, it will be in green color and when it gets ripen, and it will turn to blackish-purple.

If you’re choosing olive oil for your diet, then prefer for cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, it is highly nutritious and edible.

The other forms to include this fruit in your diet are by roasting olives or the stuffed ones or by simply shallow frying it and include in your diet. Olives can be made delicious while adding it to your favorite appetizer, which gives you good energy when consumed. Thus this oleic acid rich fruit are power packed with all essential nutrients that is required for maintaining good health.

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