The betel leaf is used from those ancient periods to till now in medical treatments, it has good healing power. This betel leaf plays a huge role in health promotion. Betel leaf belongs to Piperaceae family, even pepper and kava comes in this family. Asian people consume this leaf more frequently than others. “Paan Ka Patta” is the Hindi name for betel leaf. Tamalapaku is the telungu name for betel leaf. This betel leaf plant can reach up to one meter length. It is heart shaped leaves with waxy green in colour, when the leaves are crushed it gives a cool peppery aroma. Thailand, India, Indonesia and Vietnam are the countries that use this betel leaf more widely by knowing the health benefits of drinking water.

Betel leaf is used for religious ceremonies and in prayers, it has huge curative properties, that’s why it is well recognized by our ancestors and followed by us till now. The betel leaf contains niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin-c, carotene and calcium is densely found in this leaf.

Let us now see the health benefits of betel leaf in detail:


Wound Healing

Betel leaf has good cleansing property; also it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to clean wounds and reduce the pain in chronic wounds. It helps in healing of wounds effectively.

Joint Pains

For those with arthritis condition, this betel leaf paste when applied regularly, it helps to reduce the joint pain.

Stomach Colicky

Stomach colicky is the other term for stomach pain or stomach ache. Toddlers get frequent stomach pain; this is healed by betel leaves. Take 2-3 betel leaf and smear few amount of castor oil on the smooth surface of leaves and then warm it gently by showing on flame lightly and then apply the leaves on the toddler stomach, repeat this process and then stomach ache will be vanished away.


Chewing betel leaves helps to increase the secretion of digestive juice, reduce the stomach bloating; constipation is relieved and destroys the intestinal parasites.

Increases Hunger

In upset stomach the appetite level will be decreased, betel leaf has the ability to maintain normal pH levels in human body, thus triggering the hunger hormone, so your appetite level is increased and promotes good health.

Promotes Oral Health

The property of betel leaves is in dental care is, it protects from germs and disease causing substances in the mouth. It removes the bad breath by providing good refreshingness to the breath, it also prevents from bleeding of gums. A simple mouth freshener at home you can prepare is by just boiling the water nicely and add few betel leaves to it, allow to boil well until the essence of betel leaves enters the water, then cool it and use it as mouth wash and give rinse to your mouth and you can also gargle the mouth with this mouth wash. It provides good oral health.

Treats Respiratory Problems

Respiratory issues are well treated by using betel leaf, it has effective cure against cold and cough. For those people who have chest, nasal congestion and asthmatic problem this betel leaf gives good relief. Take two betel leaf to it apply little mustard oil and then warm it. Now apply it on your chest to get rid of chest congestion. Another remedy you can follow at home is take a big vessel to it add two cups of water, boil well now add cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, betel leaves, pepper and when the water level reduced to half. Remove from fire strain it off and drink this decoction to get instant relief from cold issues and have good ease of breath.

Relieves Cough

If you’re suffering from constant cough then include betel leaves as the beneficial home remedies for cold and cough and get free. Betel leaves contains high amount of antibiotics, they will reduce the inflammation and eases the phlegm. Constant cough is treated well. For cough relief boil water in a vessel and add few cardamom, betel leaves and cinnamon, now allow it to boil well, then cool down and drink it. It acts as an effective cure against constant cough.

Relief from Back Pain and Muscular Tensions

If you have lower back pain issue then this betel leaves gives good cure. Betel leaf juice mixed with refined coconut oil has to be taken in a bowl, then take this mixture and apply it on the pain area, it has a good relief. If you have muscle ache, swelling then you can simply get betel leaf oil and massage well on that region to get best relief.

Treats Water Retention

If you are suffering from scanty urination then this betel leaf gives you cure. Betel leaf has best diuretic property; it increases the urine level in body and thus treats well water retention. Just take juice from betel leaves, now take lightly diluted milk, mix these two ingredients and drink it in a one glass level. It gives immediate relief from water retention, so try out to get best cure from betel leaf naturally.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like reading out my articles, kindly share it with your friends and family members. Let the information gets spread out and beneficial to everyone.

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