Don’t ignore the prolonged stomach ache, it can be severe. Stomach ache occurs for everyone, no need to scare for once occurring pain in abdomen, but when you face prolonged stomach ache continuously, then it can be a serious cause of any gastrointestinal disorder and that makes you to consult a gastroenterologist. Our human gut is main area of our body that is interlinked with health and diseased conditions. Most of us think abdominal pain or discomfort is very common and nothing to worry, please just erase this from your mind. Prolonged stomach pain (stomach ache) can be an indication of gastrointestinal disorder. If you just ignore it, then it will become complicated and end up in further diseases.

In this session we are going to discuss about the different types of stomach ache and what actually they symbolise.

1.Sharp jab in upper abdomen

stomach ache

If your stomach ache is like sharp jab in upper abdomen on right side, then it could be the indication of gall stones. In our gall bladder several bulk of solid waste gets deposited as stones, they are called as gall stones. These causes irritation in gall bladder. The pain in right abdomen can go up to back region or even can reach the shoulder. This condition is worsened by consuming a fatty diet. The other indications for this condition will be fever, jaundice, urine in dark coloured, stools are pale in colour. After seeing this indication, then you can consult an gastroenterologist, then he suggest you to go for an ultra sound scan, then the condition can be diagnosed easily.

2.Bloating which is very discomfort

stomach ache

Gas that is excess in level will be the cause for this pain that makes to feel like bloating. While eating air get’s passed in faster, this is commonly seen in fast eating people. They will experience this symptom very commonly, also if you start chewing gums continuously or taking green leafy vegetables in plenty amount or usage on artificial sweeteners or high intake of beans in diet can cause this bloating and pain in your abdomen. You know drinking beer and fizzy drinks can also give the same condition. Excess of gas and bloating is very common, but if it found with blood on stools or sudden weight loss, then you need to pay immediate attention. To get rid of this discomfort you can use pepper mint oil capsules. In severe case don’t ignore it can even be the symptom of cancer in the digestive system. So consulting proper gastroenterologist is essential to rule out the cause and proceed with proper treatment.

3.Upper abdominal pain

stomach ache

If your pain is found in the upper abdominal region, that is severe too, then it will be the indication of peptic ulcer. This peptic ulcer condition is many times wrongly diagnosed as gall stone, but this ulcer condition occurs due to damage caused to the thin lining of stomach, that becomes infected with the bacteria helicobacter pylori, and becomes inflamed. Some pain killers like aspirin or ibuprofen can cause this peptic ulcer. The pain in abdomen reaches the back region. This condition is seen either before or after meals. If no proper treatment taken, that would result in blood vomit. The symptoms of peptic ulcer still are there, heart burn, weight loss and lack of appetite. If you experience blood vomiting, then consult your gastroenterologist, he may suggest you to do a gastroscopy or stool test to diagnose the condition. Any condition without proper diagnosing won’t be real, so just rule out the cause of the disorder and then proceed with appropriate treatment.

4.Pain that’s severe on back region

stomach ache

If your pain is very severe on the back region, then that could be the indication of kidney infection. When going toilet, you experience severe burning sensation that would be the cause of renal infections. Bacterial infection move from bladder to the kidneys. What would be other symptoms of renal infections? It can be vomiting, nausea and frequent fatigue. This infection on kidneys required high powered antibiotics to combat the bacterial infections.

5.Pain in lower right region of abdomen

stomach ache

If you experience pain in lower right region of abdomen that is undoubtedly appendicitis. In this condition appendix region blocks, infected and inflamed. Appendicitis not treated in right time it can burst out and spread throughout or can form an abscess. Fever, nausea and vomiting are the other symptoms found in appendicitis. If you experience such condition don’t ignore, consult a gastroenterologist and he would suggest you go for a surgery that will help in removing the affected appendix so that the condition is not worsen.

So I hope hereafter you won’t ignore your prolonged abdominal pain or stomach ache, the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who go through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media. Because sharing is like caring.

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