Know the worst high carbs (carbohydrates) which may kill your life

Carbohydrates are considered as the much feared food, if you want to save your life, and then limit your carbohydrate in your diet. Some persons have only CARBS in their diet, they are really at risk. Research study states that those people who ate more of carbohydrate in their diet had less life span than those who don’t take carbohydrate in their diet. Another study indicates that high carbohydrate consuming persons die earlier. It is also proved that a diet with 35% of energy obtained through fat diet on daily basis had lower risk of mortality by 23%. The evidence for this study gets stronger, since higher carbohydrate consumption may lead to increase in triglycerides and Low density lipoprotein level is increased in blood. These may lead to cholesterol, heart attack and cardiovascular diseases and finally can end up in death of an individual. ApoB/ApoA ratio is also increases on high carbohydrate diet consumption; this ratio is the indicator of cardiovascular disease. Another study says that low carbohydrate diet helps to enhance the memory power and also increase the life span.

Carbohydrate level in diet should me moderate, not too high or too low. About 45-55% of calorific value should come from carbohydrate, which should be healthier choice, like whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. In before days we think that all fats are bad for our health and they should be avoided from our diets. But it is a wrong statement, then we come to a conclusion that there are good fats and bad fats especially Tran’s fats are bad and it should be limited or better avoided, omega fats are healthier choice of fat diet. They are considered as good fats. Just like that there are good carbs and bad carbs. Good carbs are good to your health, elsewhere these bad carbs are dangerous to your health. Refined foods, pastries, white bread, sweetened beverages, white pasta, white rice and juice with added sugar are bad for your health, these kinds of stuffs better to be avoided or limited in portions.


Fibre in carbohydrates seem to be an indicator of whether good carbohydrate or the killer ones. It is better to take whole fruits, since the fibre in it is retained, while drinking fruit juices will destroy the fibre content in it, so the food is easily digested and also increases the urge for eating and thereby hungry level is increased and eating is increased, finally blood sugar level increased. What you can do is trying to avoid juices, consume whole fruit or simply drink a glass of water.

The reason for obesity is the high carbohydrate diet, that too bad carbohydrates are the prior cause for obesity occurrence. When your diet is lack of proteins and some essential fats, which may lead to the development of muscle weakness, disorders of mood, cardiovascular diseases, and hormonal imbalance and last but not least pre-mature aging occurs, you can see cow is fed by carbohydrates, they become overweight. They are not eating fats in their diet. Syndrome X and adult onset diabetes are caused due to higher carbohydrate intake in their diet.

Congestive heart failure and hypertension occurs on those who follow high carbohydrate diet. Water retention is caused due to higher carbohydrate intake. Nutrient deficiencies are caused by high carbohydrate diet, mainly vitamin-B deficiencies are caused by these carbohydrates. This micronutrient deficiency like insomnia, cataract, heart disease, allergy, memory loss, depression, fatigue on muscles and gastrointestinal disorders occurs. The sugar level in body makes the immune system of our body to dysfunction. It is found in one study that sugar level on 3 ounce in any form of food can reduce the white blood cells activity, thus protection power is lost by the blood cells naturally due to high carbohydrate diet.


Allergens are the allergy causing substance; in fact carbohydrate is an allergen, which may lead to allergic reactions. Certain grains and cereals remain allergic and cause gastrointestinal disorders. Cancer cells take this glucose from blood and they use this glucose as their fuel or food. Carbohydrates suppresses the immune function, thereby making the person easily affected by cancer. In simple, stay away from carbohydrates and stay healthy by avoiding onset of cancer. Addiction is happened by carbohydrates in diet, overeating of carbohydrate leads to hypertension, which may further lead to increase in insulin level. All this leads to anxiety, shivering, weakness and fatigue. To overcome this, person will eat again carbohydrate, so that becomes addiction to carbohydrate, that’s obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, depression and cancer occurs finally.

So carbohydrates are really rendering bad to your health, why you have to damp yourself with carbohydrate and get all ill effects, better take a low carbohydrate diet with all healthy choices of food in your diet. For fat metabolism we need few carbohydrates in our diet, so eat carbohydrates in limited quantity. Choose always unprocessed carbohydrates in your diet. Though carbohydrate may termed as the king of endurance performing. It should be used correctly in a limited amount.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like reading out my articles, then kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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