Kodo millet is a traditional crop named varagu; this millet is used in consumption from ancient periods itself.  This millet is a grass variety, they are perennial, it can grow up to 1 meter height, these are seen plenty in subtropical regions.  This millet started originated from India and seen widely in Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Kerala regions. Regular consumption of kodo millet does immense health benefits to us. It is densely found with nutrients that are essential for human health. The flavonoid and phenolic compounds are present higher in this varagu rice. It is rich source of dietary fibre, thereby helps in preventing constipation.

The bio-active compounds present in this millet helps to prevent the onset of cancer, premature aging and other chronic disorders. In Hindi this millet is known as koden, in Tamil as varagu, in Telugu as arikelu and arka in Kannada. If you take hundred grams of varagu it contains about 353 calories, 65 grams of carbohydrates, 5.2 gram of fibre, 8.3 gram of protein, 1.4 gram of fat, 188 milligram of phosphorous, 2 milli gram of niacin, 17 milligram of iron and 0.15 milligram of thiamine in it.

Kodo Millet

Health benefits of kodo millet

1.Ideal food for diabetics

Kodo millet is densely rich in dietary fibre; this fibre helps to maintain your blood sugar level and keeps the blood sugar under control. Thus diabetics can take this millet regularly on their diet.

2.Helps in weight management

The fat content is low in this kodo millet, the fibre content is higher and makes to feel fuller after consuming less quantity itself, thus it avoids over eating and lessens the weight, thereby controls obesity. An obese person should include this cereal in their diet and see the difference on their weight.

3.Heals wound

You have to mix water along with this millet and then apply it directly on wound region, you can see the wound gets healed faster, because of its soothing effect it is ideal to heal wounds fastly.

4.Free from gluten

If you want to have a diet that is free from gluten, then varagu becomes the best of choice, it can be cooked fastly, flavour of this millet is good and it tastes amazing, the only thing method of preparation to be proper. It is good for gastrointestinal disorders patients.

5.Rich source of protein

If you take hundred grams of kodo millet, it contains about 8.3 gram of protein, instead of taking protein powders and other supplements to get protein, you can take this natural source which is protein rich and completely safe and free from chemicals, preservatives and other side effects. Those who want to build up muscles they can include this varagu in their diet. In vegetarian diet millet occupies an essential role to supply protein densely.

6.Prevents the onset of cancer

The antioxidants in it help in preventing the occurrence of cancer. It prevents the free radical damage to cells, thus protecting from cancer occurrence.

7.Ideal food for athletes

The carbohydrate is densely seen in varagu, they are loaded with rich source of energy, thus making it a perfect food for athletes.

8.Natural prebiotic

This kodo millet acts as a natural prebiotic, thus strengthens the immune system and keeps the gut healthier.

9.Cholesterol reduction

Regular consumption of varagu helps to lower the triglycerides and C-reactive protein, thus it lowers the bad cholesterol and ideal for your heart. Thus heart protective food too.

10.Mind relaxer

It has the effect to sooth the mind and relax the nervous system, the serotonin found in kodo millet posses such property.

This kodo millet has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, sedative, antiseptic, purgative, alkaline, anti-rheumatic and anti-diabetic properties. Thus this varagu can be used in treating diabetes, rheumatism, nervous disorders, wounds, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, itching, debility, strangury and gonorrhoea. In ayurveda this kodo millet is used in cure of these diseased conditions. Varagu has sweet, astringent and bitter taste naturally.

In post menopausal women, this millet is more healthy option, since there will be lot of calcium depletion from bones, it helps in bone mineralisation. Thus helps to enhance the bone density. They are also loaded with folic acid, B6, niacin, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, potassium and iron. It is friendly to your digestive system.

Because of its denser source of nutrients, kodo millet is highly recommended for children. You can prepare dishes like pulav, briyani, variety rice and make them eat well. Kodo millet, nutritious millet that is must in everyone’s diet. So start including on your diet and remain healthier.

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