Learn the Beneficial Properties of Medicinal Mushrooms against Cancer

Mushrooms are really health packed foods which provide much beneficial usage on human diet; it has the power to boost up your immunity system. Thus enhance the immunity power in an individual. It can give you higher levels of vitamin-D to your body, it aids in natural weight management, since its low in calorie content. Overall mushroom are highly nutritious with plenty of vital nutrients in it. There are hundred healthy mushroom species, which does goodness to human health. Choose organically grown mushroom. Few mushrooms like shitake, turkey tail, cordeyceps, reishi and himematsutake are very nutritious with good medicinal benefits in it. Anti-tumour properties are highly seen in cordicep mushroom. It has a higher anti-inflammatory property too.

Worldwide this kind of medicinal mushrooms used to ward of cancer, these kinds of mushrooms have liver protecting, anti-cancerous property, immune boosting, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Let’s see in detail each medicinal mushrooms in a brief description below:

  • Shiitake Mushroom or Black Forest Mushroom


This shiitake mushroom is much more delicious one which is used on most cuisines of Asia. AHCC found in shiitake mushroom has the anti-cancerous properties. It is widely used by Japanese people in their diet. AHCC is the active hexose correlated compound found in shiitake mushrooms, these are the natural glucans present in this type mushrooms. The famous anti-cancerous drug made from shiitake mushroom is Lentinan, which is administered intravenously during treating cancer. One can increase their life span by this shiitake mushrooms, it not only treats cancer but also helps in prevention of reoccurring cancer in an individual. Thus it is a real boom in healthcare field to fight cancer naturally.

  • Reishi Mushroom


Reishi mushrooms are also known as “The mushroom of immortality”. To prolong the lifespan of an individual resihi mushrooms helps a lot, it is used before so many years itself in Chinese medicine, Reishi mushrooms has the power to enhance the stamina power, vitality and strength.  The immune boosting properties of this type mushrooms are well known and widely used by Chinese people. During chemotherapy there will be huge side effects happens to our body, these side effects are treated well by including this raise mushrooms on diet.

  • Turkey Tail Mushroom


This turkey tail mushrooms are the FDA approved edible mushrooms, which is used widely in cancer fighting. Many centuries ago Chinese people use this turkey tail mushroom as a health tonic. It has anti-cancerous benefits, thereby fighting against cancer effectively and enhances the immune power of an individual; the turkey tail mushroom has the protecting power which helps to improve the chemotherapy treatment during cancer therapy. During radiation therapy, there will be lots of damage to our skin and body. Those damages can be prevented by this turkey tail mushrooms.

  • Cordycep Mushroom


Our human immune system get’s stimulated by this cordycep mushroom, It has the power to prolong the life span of an individual, it has antiviral properties and fight against cancerous cells. In Chinese medicine this cordycep mushrooms are used traditionally in the cure of cancer and it has the healing power to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, thereby protecting the renal system from damage. Thus protects the kidney from renal failure. It is also called by the name Chinese caterpillar fungus by Chinese people.

  • Maitake Grifola Frondosa Cloud Mushroom Hui Shu Hua


The tumour protecting properties of this cloud mushrooms are well recorded in Japanese and Chinese medicine, it has higher anti-inflammatory property which helps in protecting cells from damage. The immune enhancement power of this type mushroom is well known and it protects the white blood cells and making them to strong and helps in effective defence mechanism of the white blood cells, thus guarding our immune system. One can really increase their longevity by consuming this cloud mushroom in their diet and stay protected against deadly diseases.

  • Obliquus Black Tree Fungus or Chaga Mushroom


As a traditional medicine in Russian and east Europe countries this chag mushrooms are used before so many years of time itself. This black forest mushrooms contain good healing power, it protects from cancer. These kinds of mushrooms are effective in treating brain, neck, skin and ovarian cancer. Cell death of cancerous cells in our body is made by this chag mushrooms, thus protecting our cancels from deadly cancerous cells and thus it is really a well recorded medicine in healing cancer. The cancer enhancing enzyme growth is stopped by this mushroom effectively, thus remains an excellent cure of cancer.


In this session I hope you had learnt the uses of medicinal mushroom which has the power to treat cancer successfully. But generally mushrooms are good to human health, but all mushrooms are not edible, some kinds of mushroom are really dangerous to your life. Before getting mushrooms, please try to know what kind of mushroom is this and then start enjoying it in your diet and get benefitted out from deadly diseases.

Thus the Amanitin compound found in toxic mushroom is really dangerous, that can even take over your life in few minutes, so know whether the mushroom is edible or not and then start taking it in your diet. Because prevention is always better than cure.

I hope the above shared information will be really informative to everyone who go through it and thanks for taking immense time to read-out my article, if you found my article as useful one and good, then kindly like this content and keep sharing the article with your friends and family members, since sharing is like caring. Your feedback and comments on article are most welcome; it will really grow as well. You share this article among your groups so that the information get’s passed away and will definitely useful for someone who read it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, thanks once again. Keep waiting until I bring you new innovative content with lots of useful information in it. Till then its bye from Ramya.

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