Everyone had heard about golden milk, but what’s this ginger milk? Does it possess such an amazing power in it, come let us see its benefits to human health in this session. You can try out this drink, it is really amazing, this drink is spicy and smoothes your throats, especially it becomes a best beverage to have it for the winter seasons. This beverage just gives a strong ginger flavor, which is highly beneficial in treating several ailments. You can just reverse the disease occurrence by including this ginger milk in your daily diet. Don’t ignore this statement, it is a real factor, so don’t waste your time, make this refreshing ginger milk and stay benefited.

Ginger has its culinary benefits, medicinal benefits, and therapeutic benefits. It is simply termed as a wonder spice. The most widely cultivated spice in the whole world is ginger, yes such an amazing spice it is. From long years ago, this ginger is used as an excellent medicine and spice at China and India. Ginger gives the same beneficial property in the fresh and dried forms. In 4th century BC onward Chinese used this amazing spice to treat a toothache, diarrhea, nausea, bleeding, stomach aches and bleeding. Ayurvedic doctors consider this ginger as a strong remedy in digestive issues. If you have motion sickness, joint pain, and nausea, then ginger act as an excellent home remedy in treating it. More than five thousand years ago this ginger is used as an amazing medicine and spice.

Preparation of ginger milk

Preparation of ginger milk

Ingredients required

2tablespoon of chopped ginger

2 cups of milk

1 ½ tbsp of jaggery or sugar

Method of preparation

  • Mix all ingredients together in a deep pan; now cook it for five minutes in a medium flame.
  • Afterwards, you can strain the mixture alone.
  • Pour the ginger milk hot and serve it immediately.
  • Amazing and healthy ginger milk beverage is ready to taste.

Nutritional value of one glass of ginger milk

Energy-141 calories


Protein-4.3 gram

Fiber-3 gram


Vitamin A-160mcg



Vitamin C-1 mg


Folic acid-5.6mcg


Health benefits of ginger milk


The nausea symptom can be prevented well from consuming this extraordinary ginger milk in the diet. Thus it is a good boom for pregnant women.

Sore throat

A sore throat can be due to already present microbes inside our body or due to flu or cold symptoms. The excellent remedy for sore throat is consuming ginger milk.

Protecting heart

When you start consuming this ginger milk regularly in your diet, it can lower the LDL level in blood, thus protecting our heart from heart illness and thus the occurrence of stroke can be minimized.

Immune system

The free radical damage to our body can be prevented by proper intake of this ginger milk; it has the power to prevent the oxidation of free radicals thus helping us from the occurrence of cancer, atherosclerosis, cataract and renal disorders. Our immune system functioning is enhanced by consuming ginger milk daily on your diet.

Morning sickness

morning sickness is a common condition, seen in almost every pregnant women, this can be prevented by taking ginger milk in their diet. Morning sickness, first of all, arise due to the hormonal changes in the pregnant women body, thus a natural remedy to cure morning sickness is to include ginger milk in their diet.

Menstrual pain

This is a common issue found in young girls to women, it can be treated effectively by taking this drink properly at times. The ibuprofen compound is seen in ginger milk which is a natural painkiller, which helps to suppress the menstrual pain, thus an easy way to heal the pain is found, just follow and get benefited out of it.


The thinning of our bones happens naturally in our body, thus demineralization of bones occur, this condition is termed as osteoporosis, this condition can be slowed down in women, who have this ginger milk routinely on their daily diet, thus saving their bone mass and delaying the osteoporosis mechanism.

Digestive function

Ginger milk has the power to lose your excess weight, thus it is a real gift for those who want to shed down their excess weight, also it has the power to improve in digestion and aid in good assimilation of foods, thus preventing from constipation occurrence and thus overall this ginger milk helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system free from flatulence too.

Respiratory system

The natural expectorant found in our diet is this ginger, it has the power to trap the phlegm and make it to push outside our respiratory system, thus giving ease in a breath, free from cold and cough. Thereby nasal blockages can be treated well on intake of this ginger milk in our diet.

Muscle ache

The anti-inflammatory property found in ginger helps in reducing your muscle pain, after doing a hard work our muscles will be paining a lot; this can be treated well on consuming ginger milk in our diet. It has a strong analgesic power that has a cure for muscle ache.

I hope the above-shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you really like my article, then kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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