Our human body is loaded with numerous toxins, this toxin has to be removed from our body, and for this purpose detoxification process helps us. On doing detox the toxin present in our body are washed away. Thus giving a complete cleanse up to our human system, detoxification can be done for a specific area alone or for the whole body. On doing regular detox the waste material stored in our body get’s removed and also harmful toxins including mercury like metals are also removed from our body. You may heard about detox using juicing, but in this session I am going to tell how to do detox easily at home, that too by just immersing your feet on water. Can you believe it; yes it does miraculous benefits to our body. Let us now know how to execute this process easily at home.

It is well proved that due to deposition of toxins in body only disease occurs, in a ionic foot bath you need to mix all the ingredients and just immerse your feet inside, after few hours of time take your feet from water and see the difference. It’s not magic all your deadly toxins are removed from your body, so you can remain in a disease free condition. Actually there is misbelieving that the water colour turns orange brown or brown, because of toxins getting removed. The truth is due to chemical reactions happening at ionic bath is the reason. Electrolysis process happens inside the water due to positive and negative electrodes getting contact on a salt water medium, because of this rust formation happened in water, that’s why the colour of water turns brown.


But believe me all your toxins can be removed well by doing this process, you know something, even the side effects of chemotherapy on cancer patients can be lowered by using this detox process, then imagine how this detox mechanism would do benefiting your whole body. In our body muscles and tendons work more hard and it needs attention to relax those tensed muscles, the only water is taking care of your feet, by just soaking your feet on a ionic bath, gives you a good relaxation to your muscles a d tendons and acts as a natural detoxifier easily. This can be even practiced at home.

How to do Salt Detox?

  • Organic apple cider vinegar-1/3 cup
  • Baking soda-1/4 cup
  • Himalayan salt-1/4 cup
  • Epsom salt-1/4 cup

Now the method is very simple, take hot water in a bucket and simply add all the above mentioned ingredients and mix well, now your salt detox is ready to refresh. You can use ionic bath also by using alligator clips on each wire. Alligator clips can be bought in stores of craft supply.

Instructions to follow

  • Try to use hot water instead of warm water.
  • When using tap water to soak your feet, then chlorine and fluoride will be there in water, it has to be removed first, just take bentonite clay in an amount of 6 tablespoon and mix well in water that clay and then start to immerse, then the deadly toxins can be removed well. The toxins are well absorbed by this process and get eliminated.
  • Initially you can soak your feet for ten minutes, and then gradually soak your feet for half an hour.


Health benefits of Salt Detox

  • The immune system is enhanced.
  • Blood clots are removed.
  • Body aches are relieved.
  • If any injury occurs, then this detox bath helps to have a speedy recovery from the injury.
  • Your sleep pattern is improved well, so good quality of sleep is attained.
  • Your liver and kidney starts to function actively and properly.
  • Even if you have gallstone issues, due to presence of Epsom salt in detox bath, it helps to eliminate those gallstones away from your body.
  • Blood pressure is lowered.
  • Electrolyte balance is maintained in your body.
  • Dead skins are removed, thereby helps in skin renewal process.
  • Stress level is reduced.
  • Improved energy levels in body.
  • Digestive enzymes are secreted well in body.
  • Fluid retention is eliminated.
  • Metabolic process is improved well.
  • Vascular health is maintained.
  • Bone strength in enhanced.
  • Sinus problems occurrence is lowered.
  • Aging signs are lowered.
  • Exfoliates skin, makes skin softer.

I hope the above shared information will be really informative to everyone and thanks for taking immense time to read-out my article, if you found my article as useful one and good, then kindly like this content and keep sharing the article with your friends and family members, since sharing is like caring. Your feedback and comments on article are most welcome; it will really grow as well. You share this article among your groups so that the information get’s passed away and will definitely useful for someone who read it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, thanks once again. Keep waiting until I bring you new innovative content with lots of useful information in it. Till then it’s Ramya signing off from you. Have a healthy day.

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