If you want to burn more calories and need a full body workout then you must choose working on a cross trainer, it is a best cardio fitness equipment that helps to reduce weight and assist in making one fit physically.  Also cardio workouts are good stress busters, which help you in reducing the stress level. In a short time of working in elliptical cross trainer itself you can work out your full body, all muscles gets worked in body and benefited out.

Health benefits of working on an elliptical cross trainer

1.It aids in effective weight loss

Elliptical cross trainer helps out in burning calories and also helps to burn the fat in our body. In just one hour you can burn 450- 830 k cal; this calorie burning is higher than walking. Thus 4 times it is better than walking on calorie burning. When you do intensive workout, you can burn more than 800 calories in one hour. In this cross trainer if you work out on an medium intensity that is when your maximum heart rate is less than 80 percentage then you can burn more fat in your body, thus for effective fat burning you can choose this level of working out. When you combine cardio workout along with HIIT workout, you can burn lots of calories. If you need to reduce one kilogram of body weight, you must burn 7000 kilo calories. Thus you can work out in an elliptical cross trainer for minimum twenty minutes at higher intensity level, for faster burning of calories. Try to work out daily on an elliptical to get best results.

2.It tones up the thighs, arms, leg muscles and buttocks

You can work out both upper body muscles and lower body muscles easily on a cross trainer. Different muscles in our body can be targeted by choosing the various programs in an elliptical cross trainer. The less trained muscles in our body are targeted to workout, thereby making all muscles to get work on properly and fit enough and helps to shape up of buttocks, arms, thighs, muscles, you should allow the larger muscle part to get effectively worked on in an cross trainer by allowing to put your entire weight on heal region, do not avoid doing it.

3.It helps in keeping healthier heart

Our heart muscles need to be workout good, in order to keep our cardiovascular system function properly and healthily, like other all muscles in our body heart needs exercise. So this cross trainer workout will help you out in keeping your heart healthily and fit. By doing good amount of cardio work out, your heart can function properly and pump well to distribute oxygenated blood to all other muscles and organs. When you’re heart is muscular it will slowly beat, generally athletes have low heart rate. While normal person have higher heart rate with lack of any physical activity. To keep your heart healthy you need to exercise on an elliptical cross trainer for thrice in a week (minimum 30 minutes & maximum of 60 minutes).

4.Elliptical workout helps to enhance capacity of breath

Maximum amount of air that can be kept in our lungs is the lung capacities. While exercising on a cross trainer lung volume is not increased but it helps to enhance the capacity of breath, while doing work out on a cross trainer, muscles get strong enough and they start to consume lesser amount of oxygen, so less carbon dioxide is produced. Also to breathe you require only less air during workout.

5.Reduces the risk for type 2 diabetes

Regular physical activity like working out on an elliptical cross trainer helps to lower the risk for type 2 diabetes. This type 2 diabetes occurs commonly above 40 years of age. This diabetes is due to the lack of insulin secretion in body or dysfunction of it. You can see on every ten people one will get affected by this disorder. In type 2 diabetes what happens means sugar gets coated on blood. Excess of sugar level in blood is occurred, that is referred as hyperglycemia. Severity of this can lead to complications like renal failure, cardiac arrest, blindness and leg amputation. It is found in a research that genetic factors and lack of physical activity are the top most reason for the cause of type 2 diabetes. Thus exercise is must, avoid sedentary lifestyle, try to work out on a cross trainer at least for 20-30 minutes in a day.

Now you will come to know how important this cross trainer workout, so don’t delay start working on it and get all benefits of it. Hope this article will definitely be useful to everyone who read it and please pass on the information let everyone get aware of it and lead a healthy life. You can rate this content by giving your valuable feedback and share it among your friends and family members.

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