Cancerous cell multiplies fastly and invade and they turn into tumors, these abnormal cells grow in an uncontrollable level. Malignant tumors have the ability to spread from one area to another area. Cancer can be formed in any type of cells in the body. Research indicates that there are 100 different types of cancer exist in the world. Carcinoma is the commonly occurring skin cancer. Sarcomas type of cancer develops on muscles, blood vessels tendons, bones, and ligaments. Leukemia type of cancer gets arises in bone marrow cells. Thus, a different type of cancer develops in different regions of the body.

The new study conducted says that 30 % of cancer is preventable in the early stage itself. Thus, cancer is a deadly disease that needs to pay immediate attention, so that life of that person can be saved at times. When prevention method is there for cancer then why wait for treating cancer, always prevention is better than control. So here is the preventive measure and you can also know the home remedies for cancer which seems to be effective in destroying the cancerous cells. Let’s discuss it on below.

Lemon, when combined with baking soda when taken it on daily basis, has a proven result of the destruction of cancerous cells in the body. Thus, the number of cancerous cells is reduced and normal cells develop. Thus, this healthy drink has the prevalence effect of cancer. So, try with this simple method of just incorporating the juice into your diet and stay healthier, in this no need to worry about side effects. It’s free from side effects and the result what you get is cancer disease prevalence by the destruction of cancerous cells in human body. Get the results soon with this healthy drink.

Healthy Drink Ingredients Required

Lemon- ½

Water-1 glass

Baking soda- 1 tablespoon

Method of preparing the healthy drink

Take a glass filled with water to it add ½ squeezed lemons and the baking soda, now mix this nicely. Now the healthy drink is ready in a simple way.

Now start taking this healthy drink in the early morning after getting up in an empty stomach, to get best results, one thing to be kept in mind is this healthy drink has to be taken in early morning only and do this practice continuously for one week, then maintain a gap for two weeks that time don’t drink this, afterwards start doing continuously for one week and it goes as on.

Baking soda


It has the strong power in stabilizing cancer when this baking soda is added along with lemon and used it has a higher healthy strategy in boosting the body and thereby our bodies natural healing rhythms are boosted up and thus the growth of cancerous cells process is reversed and normal cells growth occurs. This baking soda has the power to regulate our body pH level, our body pH has to be maintained, and that role is done by this amazing ingredient baking soda. For natural detoxification, it helps.



Lemon is an ideal citrus fruit to consume, it has numerous health benefits, and some types of cancer can be effectively combated well when including lemon regularly in your diet. If the person doesn’t get affected by cancer what he can do, he can start adding this superfood to his diet regularly thereby in future the chances of occurring cancer is reduced or prevented from cancer.

Limuloids, pectin present in lemon has the ability to fight against cancer. In a safer and healthier way, lemon destroys the cancerous cells than chemotherapy. Even the peels of lemon contain a compound called terrene this substance has the anticancer effects, thus cancer is prevented and treated well. The research found that limonene supplementation ( the active ingredient of lemon) shows positive results in the reduction of breast cancer cells. Lemon as a whole fruit itself beneficial in treating cancer.

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