चुकंदर लगाएं होंठों के कालेपन को मिनटों में दूर भगाएं

होंठों से छूलो तुम मेरा गीत अमर कर दो होंठों पर तेरा नाम है तुझे चाहना मेरा काम है छू लेने दे नाजुक होंठों को, कुछ और नहीं ह
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सर्दियों में फटते हैं होठ, तो इन नुस्खों से पाएं आराम

सर्दियों में होठों का फटना बहुत ही आम समस्या है। ये एक ऐसी समस्या है ​जो उम्र या समय देखकर नहीं आती है, बल्कि इस

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Know more about the chapped lips!

Have you seen those cracks on the lips? That could be either your lips or somebody else's lips but those cracks are extremely prominent!

Sometimes those cracks can even bleed- The condition is called as scurvy which is commonly known as vitamin C defic

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Top Most Tips To Get Pink Rose Lips

1.Aloe Vera:

It consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents that protect the skin from any kind of infections. Apply aloe Vera gel to your lips. It helps in soothing an

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Effortless and Simple Tips to Get Those Pink Lip

Soft, pink and supple lips are something that everyone wishes for. It is obvious because they enhance your beauty. But improper eating habits, pollution, changing weather conditions, and lack of appropriate lip care may cause dark and rough lips. Here are some beautiful lips care tips fo

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