How to Live Long Happy Healthy Safe Successful Life Ahead?

In our busy daily life, maximum people have forgotten how to live a long, happy, healthy, safe and successful life, this is the reason we are encircled by stress, anxiety, fear, pressure, and many other social factors which are causing diseases to our body. Our mental health is complementary to our physical health. Management plays important role in life if everything is managed our life that means we are already living long, happy, healthy, safe, and successful life. That implies our body is healthy, the mind is fresh and we are giving adequate nutrition to our body as it is desired by it. If this is the case than obliviously we are successful also.

How to live LONG life?


Jeanne Calment “Death doesn’t frighten me; now I can think peacefully of ending a long life”. How many years we are going to spend on this earth depends on the quality of our well- being, we have people who die so young having so many diseases, on the other hand, we have few others too who are living more than 100 years. The longevity of life depends on basic factors such as our eating habits, smoking, drinking, exercising and meditation, sleeping hours, our social circle and our thinking. The more we pay attention to the above factors the maximum years we are going to spend on this earth.  If we are keeping the basic factors in our mind we don’t only live a longer but are going to enjoy the quality life and at the end of the beautiful journey, we will die peacefully without any burden on our soul.

How to live HAPPY life?


Aristotle “happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim, and end of human existence”. Happiness has nothing to do with money or cash. To be happy from inside you need just few things like you have to indulge yourself with optimistic thoughts and people around you, find out why you are born as this is challenging task if you are able to find the purpose of your life surely you are going to stretch yourself to your potential. Live in the present moment, try to learn from your past experiences and move forward, and don’t take stress about future. The most important love yourself and practice gratitude for what you have now and move forward happily in a positive direction.

How to live HEALTHY life?


“Take care of your body. It’s only place you have to live” by Jim Rohan. If you have a healthy body you are one of the richest persons on earth as health is wealth. You have to keep healthy not only your outside body but also your inner body parts mind and soul too. For being healthy you don’t need to consume a book, just  learn basics of life maintain a record of what you are eating, taking adequate amount of fresh drinking water, give your body enough sleep, do some exercises regularly and maintain a kind social network that keeps you motivated and you become physically and mentally strong. Your beautiful body is the only thing you have. Take care of it like it’s the diamond and you can’t even imagine taking a single breath if you are cheating on yourself, if you are not taking care of this diamond your loved ones too are going to leave you, if the condition is too worse you too would hate yourself and will be thinking to leave this body soon. So make the best possible use of the most priceless possession you have in form of your body.

How to live SAFE life?


The no.1 rule is that to keep yourself safe … nothing is more precious than your life and lives of your loved ones by Steve West. Nowadays, we are engulfed by so many diseases and our lives are at risk every time because we living in fear of future or past and this the biggest cause of human sufferings due to which either we are taking too much anxiety that is harming us in every possible way it could be. Life is a journey that is full of evils which rely on our mind like stress, anxiety, mental and emotional pressure, fear and others too. Once we are able to overcome these evils we are safe on this journey. Our life doesn’t belong to us but to our loved ones also, nothing is more valuable than a life, on one life so many other lives are dependent. So make your full-fledged strategy to focus on your goal of living a safe life not only for yourself but also for others too.

How to live SUCCESSFUL life ahead?


If you are already living happy, healthy and safe life, success not only comes to you by so many means but also keep touching your feet again and again. Define your success yourself, not just in monetary terms but also how eager you are to learn new things too. Success depends on how rich you are from your heart, mind and soul. Maximum people who are highly successful in monetary terms are too living a simple life. Whether you have the money or not you are successful only if your heart, mind, and soul are enriched with ingredients of true happiness, your health is satisfied then you can see the miracle.

You can show your full potential only if the mind is connected with heart and heart is connected with soul, whether you believe it or not you are going to get insurmountable levels of success in coming years, months or days, just trust your inner – conscience.


The secret of Living a long, happy, healthy, safe, and successful life is key to everything. If we focus on problems we are going to indulge ourselves in bigger problems, on the other hand, if we focus on what we have, the mystery resolves itself and we can enjoy a blissful life. Try to do those things that challenge you and makes you happy as the happier you are more are the chances to overcome the evils that exist in our mind

Our  human spirit is so powerful, impossible says” I am Possible”, “No itself says stay  On”, you just have to trust your sub-conscious mind and the little hope in yourself and keep moving in forward direction that is going to give you a long, happy, healthy, safe and  successful  life ahead.

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