While planning for a hair transplant the recovery time is also something that the patient has to factor in. Usually when the patient has a long vacation lined up, that is when the decision is made to go in for a transplant, because the healing period would fit in with the vacation time perfectly. Hair transplantation uses the body’s own creation to set right discrepancies within the same body, by merely shifting the location. In other words, hair is harvested from areas like the back of the head where pattern baldness does nos affect, and is split and is transplanted under the skin in the areas where the hair growth is required, or the target area. As a result of this there will be telltale signs of the procedure, both at the harvested site and at the area where the transplantation has been performed. There is a natural period for the wounds to heal and the marks to disappear. Since the hair grown by the same person is actually used, there will be total healing. So what every patient needs to be aware of, while going into the procedure is the time that will be taken for the hair to regrow and for the signs of the procedure to vanish in entirety, so that they can resume their normal social interactions.

After the hair transplant, by day 3 or 4, the wounds heal. After that the chance of infections are extremely less and therefore the patient can start leaving confined quarters. The patient can literally resume normal activity because the hair is firmly secure under the scalp. There is also no pain as the healing is on its way. However the healing process is not completed, the process has started but the full healing would be completed by the seventh day to the tenth day. This is the time limit when we can be sure that the transplanted tufts will not get dislodged. However what needs to be known is that the donor area, meaning the area from where the hair is harvested, will still show signs of the harvest. The hair that has not been taken would regrow at the normal rate, but the harvested areas would definitely show for a longer time.

At Pearl Health the advisory for the patients are that, there is a social angle to the hair transplantation procedure. The social angle is that if the general public should know that you have had a procedure or not, by merely looking at you, and the time frame for this to be in effect. Essentially in 12 weeks the patient can be confident that there can be a regular social interaction and none will be the wiser. But before that time period there will be indications of the grafting having happened and if the patient is not comfortable disclosing that then he should take adequate precautions by way of extended vacations and so on. However, on a generic scale the patient will be ready in about 9 weeks to resume absolutely normal everyday activity in a span of 9 weeks to 12 weeks with a new head of hair and joy at having gone in for the procedure.

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