Love a specific yoga pose? This is what it says about you!

Whoever is into yoga, will agree with this topic! Each and everyone of us has special corner for one of the yoga poses! You might love to do yoga but you would always wait to do that 1 pose!

Well, there could be multiple reasons for liking a pose for example; You might like a pose because it is easy or it is relaxing!

But what if I say, having a favorite pose reveals something about your nature?

Well yes, you read that right!

This article explains you about how that goes!

(1) Savasana

Also called as:- Shavasan


Well, you doesn’t like this pose!

The amount of relaxation provided by this pose is way too significant!

This pose looks simple and it is easy to do but its benefits are way beyond you can actually think. This pose includes lot of surrendering by the body. You just need to let go your body which is sometimes very difficult.

Is this your favorite pose? This is what it tells about you!

  • You are a very relaxed and easy going person.
  • You don’t stress out on things much.
  • You always need a proper balance between your emotions.
  • You like to go with the flow of life.

(2) Camel pose 

Also called as:- Ustrasana


This pose is a perfect back stretch which makes you open! It relaxes you with intense stretch.

Is this your favorite pose? This is what it tells about you!

  • You are an open hearted person
  • You love doing things for the world
  • You have a heart-heart communication with everyone you talk.
  • You are often misunderstood by the world for being kind hearted.
  • You like to make friends!

(3) Headstand

Also called as:- Sirsasana 


This pose is a bit tough but completely worth it! There are very less people who can dare to attempt it but if they do, they cant just leave with just 1! All you require for excellent upper body and core strength with very keen concentration.

Is this your favorite pose? This is what it tells about you!

  • If you love this, you are extremely creative! Obviously, there are very less people in the world who will like their world upside down!
  • Your point of view differs from the rest of the world.
  • Your thoughts are extremely youthful!
  • You are always full of nutrients!

(4) Seated forward bend

Also called as:- Pachimottanasana


This pose just looks like another bend but trust me its really difficult! It takes a lot of strength to bend!

Is this your favorite pose? This is what it tells about you!

  • Your nature is extremely calm.
  • You have an habit of analyzing everything very carefully.
  • Interpreting the results have been your favorite habit.
  • You are living according to your terms, conditions and standards planned for you!

(5) Downward facing dog

Also called as:- Adho mukha svanasana


This pose is a mixture of all the things including your strength, stretch and flexibility! And it works great as a relaxing pose!

Is this your favorite pose? This is what it tells about you!

  • You are open minded.
  • You are extremely outgoing and friendly
  • Your words have a lot of depth.
  • You don’t take any action before thinking it twice!

If you like our article, kindly comment or share it to your friends. Also, you can check our other yoga pose articles here ( Calm yourself with these yoga poses!).

Wish you all a very happy international yoga day!

Stay calm, stay fit!

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

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