Do you love yogurt? These facts will amuse you!

Its summers and heat is at its peak!

Its is very important to keep your body temperature cool.

Since childhood, my mother has been behind me to include different coolants and out of which the most common one was “Chaas” also called as buttermilk or Lassi which is sweet curd. My mom used to say that it helps in keeping the body cool but somehow i never used to believe her.

Chaas which is buttermilk or Lassi which is sweet curd has one ingredient which is common is CURD also known as YOGURT OR YOGHURT.

Since ancient times it has been used as a cooling agent but there is lot more to it !

There are many smoothies which used yogurt as their base.

This article will tell you about amazing benefits of yogurt!

The basic thing which i want to clear here is, curd and yogurt is the same?

Well, it is almost the same but it is not one.

Yogurt is a dairy product which uses different bacterial cultures. It is made out of fermenting milk. The bacteria which is added to the culture ferments lactose (which imparts sweetness to the milk) which produces lactic acid which imparts tangy flavor to the curd.

Curd is another type of dairy product which is made up of curdling/coagulating the milk. This is done using citric acid which is added in the milk to coagulate. When you introduce these substances to the milk, then milk gets separated into 2 parts. The liquid part which is formed is whey and the solid part is called as a curd. The whey contains proteins of the milk and curd has milk proteins which is casein.

Curd is rich in other vitamins such as vitamin A, E, K which are fat soluble vitamins and not just these it also contains b-complex vitamins, some minerals which is extremely important for gut health.

Everyone knows that it is cooling, it is good for digestion but is there anything else which you know about curd?


Lets find out!

  • Yogurt and curd is a high biological value protein which has about 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein (the water on the top of the curd). 1 cup of yogurt/curd consists of 6-8 grams of proteins.
  • Yogurt and curd both consist a part of trans fat which is called as ruminant trans fat or you can also call this as dairy trans fat. I am sure the word trans fat is putting you in second thoughts but this is not the same as the trans fat which you find in your chips or overcooked processed products! This is a healthy ruminant trans fat which aids your digestion! The trans fat which is found in yogurt was used as a vaccine as well.
  • Yogurt and curd both are having its own sweetness but the packaged yogurt/curd will have added sugar to enhance the flavor. Always prefer unflavored ones so that you can retain the normal values in the curd.
  • Dairy products are rich in calcium which is also required for your healthy bone health.
  • Probiotics are excellent for gut health and since yogurt/curd have live cultures in this, they are excellent sources for healthy gut!
  • It can help in maintaining normal blood pressure and sometimes antibiotics can cause side effects like severe diarrhea.
  • It helps in reducing the risk of osteoporosis which means porous bones.
  • Well, not just about health yogurt/curd is also considered to be prosperous. It is given before beginning of any good work and it is also one of the main ingredient in Panchamrit.
  • It is also an excellent booster for someone who is looking to build muscles. Yogurt/curd helps in reducing the muscle stress in the body. If you include yoghurt in your diet, you activate your T cells which are also known as T lymphocytes which are works towards building your immunity. yogurt helps in working as a stress booster not just for muscles but also overall! Best time to have it is within 30 minutes of your workout getting over.
  • Making curd at home is so far the best method which can be used but you have to be a bit careful when you are buying curd from outside.
  • There is always a trick when you choose yoghurt/curd from outside, always go for something which has the least ingredients and avoid the products which has added sugar in it. Lesser the ingredients, better the quality.
  • Sugar is one part while you choose the yogurt but another thing which is extremely important is “Live and active cultures”. Always go for yogurt which has this line mentioned in it.
  • I have seen people obsessing over greek yogurt these days, is it really healthy? Well, greek yogurt has double the amount of protein only if it has less fats and less added preservatives.
  • Add yogurt with chia seeds has amazing benefits, do try it out!
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