You may wonder, how a dish can be nutritious and prepared in a low cost with simple cooking methods, yes it’s possible to prepare such an amazing recipe, the recipes mentioned in this session can be prepared easily in home and they cost very less to get those required ingredients to do the recipe. So it is a simple dish to prepare in home at limited time. By the meanwhile they are highly nutritious too. This cheap and healthy food will be liked by everyone and they are made with ingredients like roasted Bengal gram, green gram dal, bajra, jowar, wheat, jaggery or sugar and green leafy vegetables.

Wheat gram porridge

Ingredients required

Roasted wheat flour- 25g

Powdered, roasted Bengal gram dal-15g

Powdered, roasted groundnuts-10g

Sugar or jaggery-30g


Method of preparation

Initially you need to roast well the Bengal gram, wheat and groundnut. Then powder them well, prepare jaggery syrup by dissolving the jaggery in water. Mix this jaggery syrup with grounded powders and make batter out of it. Next you can boil well spinach, until it becomes soft, and then mash them well and finally you can strain using clean white cloth.  Now you can mix this spinach juice to the prepared batter, stir the batter continuously till you get a semi solid consistency.

Rice porridge

Ingredients required


Powdered, roasted groundnut-15g

Powdered, roasted green gram or red gram dal-10g

Sugar or jaggery-30g


Method of preparation

First you need to cook rice, mix pulse, groundnut powder to the cooked rice. Boil well the spinach in water, and then add it to the above mentioned ingredients. Let everything cook for a few minutes, and then your porridge is ready to be served.

Rice Khichdi


Boiled rice-1cup

Boiled pulse-1/2 cup

Cooked leafy vegetable- 2 tablespoon

Sugar or jaggery-30g

Method of preparation

Pulses and boiled rice have to be thoroughly mixed, mash well the cooked leafy vegetable by adding enough amount of water to it. Now strain through clean white cloth, add the leafy vegetable juice to the above mentioned mixture, add now sugar or jaggery to it, and mix altogether well. You can also add salt with little seasoning instead of sugar in this recipe, just give a try and see.

Bajra Infant Food



Roasted green gramdal-20g

Roasted groundnut-10g

Roasted decorticated gingelly seeds-5g


Method of preparation

First you need to power well all roasted ingredients separately, how the ratio of each ingredients given, mix them well. Then you can store this in an air tight container. You can mix this powder to hot water or hot milk and then serve to child. Porridge form of bajra food can be prepared or bajra food in ball form can be made and served.




Roasted Bengal gram dal-10g


Method of preparation

The roasted ingredients should be powdered well, then you can store in air tight container. Then you can mix with hot milk or with hot water and then serve to your child, this recipe also had in ball form or in porridge form.

Jowar upma


Broken jowar-45g

Roasted groundnuts-15g


Seasoning material-as per requirement

Method of preparation

Take oil in a pan, to it add the seasoning material and fry it, afterwards add broken jowar to it and fry it lightly, add water to the mixture till it is soft in texture. Now you can add broken groundnuts and allow cooking for 5-10 minutes and then removing from fire and serving hot.

Bajra Khichdi



Green gram dal-25g



Salt-to taste

Method of preparation

Grate the carrot well; boil well the bajra, until it is half cooked. Now you can add dal, grated carrot and cook it until the bajra becomes soft in texture. Add salt as per your taste, now season with mustards and jeera seeds and then add to the prepared khichdi and remove from fire, your nutritious and easy bajra khichdi is ready to be served. One alternative you can do in this recipe is added tapioca or sweet potato instead of carrot in this recipe.



Pressed rice-25g

Roasted groundnuts-20g


Method of preparation

Pressed rice should be roasted well, then to it add broken groundnuts and mix them well, make jaggery syrup using water, then to it add nuts, beaten rice and mix them nicely. Take a plate and grease them well with oil or ghee, to it spread the prepared mixture evenly and then cut them into pieces and serve it.

Hyderabad mix



Roasted Bengal gram dal-15g

Roasted groundnuts-10g

Jaggery or sugar-30g

Method of preparation

Roast the wheat and powder them well, now mix the powdered Bengal gram, groundnuts, jaggery and wheat together. Now you can either make them in to balls or porridge by adding water to it.

These recipes can be prepared easily and in short time, they are low cost nutritious recipes with simple ingredients which are available in home.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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