Try these Lower Body Exercises to Shape up

Lower body exercises helps to burnout the fat on hip, gluts, belly and thighs. Lower body exercises are recommended for beginners after doing lower body exercises on regular basis the legs becomes much powerful and tones up well thereby helps in fat burning and ultimately weight loss is achieved.

Most people now a days are in sedentary lifestyle because of this their gluts muscles are not used at all, also people prefer mostly car for moving out that time when seated on car our leg muscles are not used up because of these two things fat get accumulated on gluts and legs especially on thighs. So now lower body exercise becomes important for them, lower body exercise is an essential workout program carried out to get loosen your body weight and in toning of muscles.

1.Machine Leg Extension- This type of exercise uses the quadriceps muscles and for beginners it is performed. Level number two to be kept during performing this workout. Up- exhale, down-inhale.

2.Machine Leg Curl- It is also given for beginners; the movement involved is isolation movement (hamstring, thighs). Level 2 to be kept.

3.Free standing Calf raise- Isolation movement is involved and it is performed for beginners.

4.Dumbbell standing calf raise- Isolation movement is involved in it and it is performed for beginners.

5.Free Seated Calf raise- Performed for beginners

6.Dumbbell seated calf raise- Movement involved is isolation, meant for beginners.

7.Machine calf raise- Movement involved is isolation, beginners to be given this workout.


The Upper part of the knee to be placed on the machine and the activity ¾ to be done in ¾ the motion and not on full range motion, to rise completely. For shorter person the level will be up and the ankle joint above to be placed. For shorter persons the level of seat to be kept at 3. For medium persons the level of seat to be kept at 4, for taller persons the seat level to be kept in 5, the shoulder and arm area level to be uniform.

For maximum mechanical activity place the leg position on side of legs to 90 degree when going against gravity to do exhale.

In any movements or exercise tightening of muscles should be and it should be firm also any activity it should be followed to attain the maximum power.       


Dumbbell standing calf raise- The elbows will be straight and up-exhale, down- slowly inhales. To train sole’s muscles we need free seated calf raise.

Dumbbell seated calf raise- The dumbbell to be placed on the thigh and elbows to be kept correct position.

Squat- The squat is the mother of all exercises; it works for quadriceps, gluteus muscles.

  • Free squat
  • Dumbbell squat
  • Smith machine squat
  • Dumbbell sumo squat
  • Smith machine sumo squat

Isometric Exercise for lower body  

This exercise keeps you flexible, stable and durable. A better balance to the body is achieved in these workout, they makes lower body more flexible.

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