Magnesium-The Must Have Supplement in Your Day To Day Life

The supplement that our body required on a daily basis is magnesium. Our brain’s health is enhanced by proper intake of magnesium-rich foods, our normal diet pattern doesn’t supply you enough magnesium, so try to have magnesium in your daily diet and stay healthy. When stress occurs, it takes up the magnesium that is already stored in our body. Thus magnesium depletion occurs in our body. That’s why we feel easily tired and sluggish; to tackle it an extra amount of magnesium is required. The cortisol level in our body is decreased when you increase the magnesium intake in your diet. If you want to strengthen your brain function and work properly, then magnesium supplement is must in the diet.

Poor memory function is attained when there is no adequate level of magnesium in the brain. Naturally, magnesium is seen in all cells of human body. Magnesium is involved in three hundred enzymatic processes.


  • Normal heart rhythm
  • Pulmonary function
  • Blood glucose level maintenance
  • Helps in maintain adequate Bone density
  • Proper brain function

This deficiency is not easily detectable by all health care professionals, blood test when done; it wouldn’t show the deficiency of this in blood. Research studies state that all illness in our body is associated with deficiency of magnesium in our body. The important mineral that is needed in our body is magnesium; it maintains the electrical stability of our human cells. More diseases are caused due to this mineral deficiency. It is found in a study that 68 % of US individuals do not take RDA level of magnesium in their diet. Just like water and air, this magnesium is most required mineral to sustain. 1000 mg of magnesium per day is required. How oil is important for car’s engine, likewise magnesium is important for our human function. Long-term memories are retained in the hypothalamus region of the brain. The function of synapses is strengthened by magnesium. The learning abilities are improved by magnesium intake in an adequate amount.

The ratio of calcium and magnesium should be 1:1, but now a day’s our diet is modified and the percentage is varied. Calcium at the rate of 5 and magnesium at the rate of 1. This ratio has to be changed. Equal intake of calcium and magnesium are the must.

Magnesium and Alzheimer’s disease

Decreased levels of magnesium can lead to Alzheimer disease. The cognitive function is improved when an adequate level of magnesium is in taken in the diet. When magnesium is supplemented regularly for 17 months, it decreases the amyloidal plaque deposition in the hypothalamus region of the brain.

Magnesium and Depression

This is referred as anti-stress mineral, This stimulates the serotonin production. This serotonin helps in improving mood.  125- 300 mg of this supplement is necessary to treat depression effectively.

This helps in prevention of insomnia and it treats anxiety, this helps in nerve relax, aid in digestion, relieves muscle tension and helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

So include this in your diet, have supplement form of magnesium like magnesium citrate and magnesium glaciate.

Hope you would really enjoy reading this article, thanks for taking time to read my article.

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