How To Maintain A Healthy Heart?

The constant hustle bustle, and the insanely busy schedule of the people today is the reason behind many of the serious diseases. The strenuous day of the people when teamed with the unhealthy dietary options makes the perfect recipe for the life-threatening diseases. Among these lifestyle related diseases, the heart diseases are quite common. Heart is one of the most important organs of the circulatory system of the body. Along with the brain, and the lungs, it forms the tripod of life. Any kind of damage caused to this organ may prove to be dangerous for the life of the individual. It is crucial that the heart health should be given a priority among all the other tasks of the day. Maintaining a healthy heart is vital for healthy living. Most of the cardiovascular diseases can be avoided by improving the lifestyle, and adopting healthy habits.

Habits Having Adverse Effect On Heart Health

Some of the daily habits that are degrading your heart health are as follows:

  1. Sitting for long stretches of time

Even if you exercise regularly, sitting for long stretches of time at a single place increases the risk of stroke, and heart attack. This may be caused because of the change in the blood levels of the sugars, and fats.

  1. Neglecting teeth health

Although, this may seem a little odd, but the gum diseases, and heart diseases are supposed to be linked. The people, who do not floss are at a higher risk of heart diseases than the people, who do floss regularly. The plague bacteria cause inflammation in the body, and hence, promotes atherosclerosis.

  1. Excess alcohol intake

Alcohol in small amounts is beneficial for the heart health, but the excessive intake of the same have a negative effect on the heart. Too much alcohol intake causes an increase in the blood pressure of the person, along with increased levels of fat in the blood is one of the effects of alcohol addiction. This can lead to weight gain, and heart failure.

  1. Overeating

‘Excess’ of everything is bad. Even the healthiest drink of all – ‘water’, when taken in excess can severely affect the health of a person. Overeating is no exception. Eating food in excess amounts, especially the food with high calories, and sugar, increases your risk of developing a heart condition. Overeating makes you obese, and the heart health is compromised.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is one of the most disastrous habit for your heart. Formation of blood clots, and plague build up due to smoking degrades your heart health. Moreover, by smoking you are not only putting your life in danger, but the people around you, and the people, who live with you are forced into secondhand smoking, which puts their heart in danger too.

  1. Excessive salt intake

Salt causes an increase in the blood pressure of an individual. The elevated blood pressure is associated with strokes, kidney failure, and heart attacks. Most of the packaged food contents contains a high amount of sodium.

  1. Red meat

Red meat has a high content of saturated fats. It elevates the risk of developing different cardiovascular diseases. Eating red meat occasionally is healthy, but eating it on a regular basis, not only increases the risk of heart failure, but of the colorectal cancer as well.

Habits To Adopt To Maintain A Healthy Heart

given below are some of the habits that you should incorporate into your daily lives to have a healthy heart, and a healthy life:

  1. Eat healthy

It is the first and the foremost requirement for maintaining a healthy body. When you eat healthy, the body gets all the essential nutrients, and it functions properly. Proper functioning of the body is important to have a disease free, and healthy lifestyle.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and avoiding packaged foods is the key to a healthy heart. Limiting the salt intake is also essential.

  1. Exercise regularly

Make an exercise routine and stick to it. Exercising, and other physical activities reduce the risk of the heart diseases. Exercising regularly keeps your weight under control, and reduces blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Moreover, exercising has a positive effect on your mental health.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is a dangerous habit for your health. Whether it is first hand smoking, or second hand, your health suffers a lot because of this filthy habit. Quit smoking, and adapt a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Limit the alcohol intake

Excess amount of alcohol is deteriorating for the heart. Avoid taking alcohol in excess amount. A controlled intake of alcohol, however, may prove to be healthy for your heart.

  1. Declutter your life

Stress have a direct negative effect on your hearth health. You should keep your life decluttered, and organized to avoid unwanted stress, and live your life stress free.

Foods For A Healthy Heart

The following foods can improve your heart health:

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is known to lower the cholesterol levels of the body. it is rich in the soluble fiber content. It can soak up the excess cholesterol, and eliminate it from the body. however, the instant oatmeal contains high amount of sugar, and therefore, it should be avoided.

  1. Salmon

Salmon contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acid. It lowers the risk of developing arrhythmia, and decreases the number of triglycerides in the body. including salmon in your diet will help you keep heart problems at bay.

  1. Dark chocolate

Yes, you read it right. Eating chocolate can reduce your risk of heart failure. The consumption of the dark chocolate daily helps to reduce the strokes, and neonatal heart attacks. The dark chocolate should be made up of approximately 70% of the cocoa.

  1. Citrus fruits

Consuming citrus fruits lowers your risk of heart failure, and stroke. Moreover, the ischemic stroke risk is also reduced by the consumption of the citrus fruits. The high vitamin C content in such fruits is also great for detoxification and is one of the health benefits of fruits. However, the fruit juices with added sugar should be avoided.

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