Why Malnutrition to be Given Awareness, What Makes it to Pay an Important Attention

Everybody would come across the word malnutrition, come lets discuss about it on this topic, Malnutrition is defined as the condition which occurs when lack of essential nutrients happens in our body.  Several diseases are formed due to malnutrition, when a person is not nourished well with balanced amount of all essential nutrients in diet which can lead to disorders, these diseases may be due to under nutrition or over nutrition or imbalanced nutrition. 13% of overall world population is malnourished that is approximately 791 million persons. This data was surveyed on 2015. The seriousness to malnutrition has to be created by providing awareness programmes. Now lets take a glance on types of malnutrition and discuss on it below details. 

Under nutrition

When adequate amount of essential nutrients is not given to the body then a condition called undernutrition arises, the examples of this diseases are marasmus.

Over nutrition

When the higher  level intake of food occur thanthe body required amount which is over nutrition and the condition called obesity results.


Imbalanced nutrition

When the amount of food taken is not in an appropriate quantity which is not in a balanced of all essential nutrients will lead to diseases like kwashiorkar.

The reason for malnutrition are poor and inadequate supply of essential nutrients, population growth, absorption and utilisation of nutrients is less in our body, in a condition called diarrhoea and indigestion these will occur.



Protein and energy malnutrition will lead to a diseased condition called kwashiorkar and it occurs in 1-4 years of age.

What are the symptoms

Growth failure, mental changes,oedema, atrophy of viscera, anaemia, diarrhoea, moon like face, depigmentation of hair.

Preventive methods of kwashiorkar

-By proper immunisation  and following the hygienic practices.

-Those persons who suffer from dysentery, diarrhoea, worm infestation for them when proper treatment is given at the right stage then it will not progress in to kwashiorkar.

-Nutrition education to be given

-Breastfeeding  should be encouraged

-Pregnant women, lactating women should take good balanceddiet with all essential nutrients especially protein and energy dense  foods thereby this kwashiorkar can be prevented.


Marasmus is also an protrin energy malnutrition disease, the symptoms of marasmus are muscle wasting, retardation of growth, shrunk face,wasting of subcutaneous fat, loss of weight.


Preventive methods used

-Protein and energy dense foods are given regularly then marasmus is prevented.

-A combination of bengal gram, groundnut, roasted wheat are taken in right proportion which is given to the marasmus affected children, then the disease gets cured.



According to WHO  a report says about 323,000 people had died due to malnutrition in the year 2015. Poverty seems to be the top priority reason for under nutrition, the pregnant women, lactating women, children are more susceptible to under nutrition than others. In a survey taken by world health organization says  that under weight in children is the causative for  child mortality that too  in below five years of age which occurs worldwide. These malnutrition in the form of under nutrition is found more on elderly people too because of increased in the age, the food consumption level becomes less, digestive problems then if digested means also most  persons have improper utilization of the nutrients , swallowing of food becomes tougher for them, these factors facilitate the onset of under nutrition on elderly people. In the above mentioned case it is advised elderly people to have adequate nutrient intake in the form of multivitamins .Because for them swallowing becomes tougher and that time these vitamins in capsules form can help to provide the essential nutrients that body requires. So knowing the cause and take necessary steps is more essential in combating malnutrition. Countries like Somalia, Nigeria are  highly prone to Protein energy malnutrition, children’s are highly affected due to poverty in the country, that cases we the other country people should come voluntarily to fund for their food  requirements thereby some food supply if everyone done to them then humpty number of persons life can be saved. Please don’t underestimate on malnutrition, kindly pay attention to it. Preserve the life of human being by following adequate balanced diet on daily basis.

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