Do Your Medications Affect Your Bone

Apart from the following the advice of your doctor on exercise and diet, you must know that few medications or drugs are bone-friendly or few can affect your bone too.

Many times, the doctors suggest few drugs for health issues like depression or heartburn. They may affect the health of bone.

Bone is the main part of our body. I have seen that most folks become dependent on medications because of their busy schedule or want the quick remedy for their health-related problems. Becoming too dependent on medications, sometimes cause bad effects on our body. But before explaining this let me ask you one question do your medications affect your bones?

You probably don’t know this question answer because you don’t aware of the bad effect of the medication. You also heard that saying if something has any positive benefits then it has also negative effects. You use medicine for curing your problems but sometimes it hurts your bones. Yes, that is true using medications in high amount can cause Osteoporosis. While using to medicines or heavy medicine it can lead to weaken your bone or fracture it. Sometimes medicine effect on calcium and vitamin d. While These Two Calcium and Vitamin-d are important for bones. So, you need to strength your bone and make it stronger.

To increase the strength of your bone, do yoga or exercises. You can also do weight lifting exercise that will also help to increase the strength of your bone. For making bone stronger then you need to intake calcium and Vitamin-D in rich amount. If you are consuming the high dose of medicine then you need to maintain the proper balance of calcium and Vitamin-D in your body. If not so, then it leads to fracture your bones or weaken the bone for a lifetime.

Some possible remedy I enlisted below that will also help you to maintain calcium and Vitamin-D in your body-

  • In milk or things made from milk I.e. Curd, Paneer contains calcium in high amount.
  • If you eat Non-Veg then eat Fish like Icestar, Salman and hilsa fish.
  • Green vegetables also contain vitamins in larger amount.
  • To digest calcium in the body vitamin-D is required. So, eat that food contains positive vitamins and minerals.
  • The doctor also says in pregnancy time, women need more calcium because in delivery time bone should be stronger.
  • Drink milk instead of tea or coffee.
  • Do regular exercises or yoga.
  • To take Vitamin-D, sit for some time in the sun rays.
  • Play that sport in which much physically game is played that will also help to increase the strength of your bones and make it stronger.

Ask some question from your doctor that medicine they are offering to contain any bad effect on health or bone. Asking from a doctor is the best advice to you because it’s your duty to be some conscious about your health. Some medicine is good while some long-term medicine creates some bad effects on our body. So, make ensure that you consult your doctor before consuming medications.


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