Have you ever experienced that your head is spinning for a fraction of a second and then it is okay? Have you experience dizzy spells happening when you are working? Sensation of spinning or swaying is called as Vertigo. Vertigo is not a disease on its own but it is the underlying condition in
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sinus headache

Sinus headache VS Migraine Pain


Is headache ruining your life? Yes, you hear that right! Headaches can really become the menace of your life and mess your life completely.  They can be really stuffy and you can suffer from itchy, wa

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कैसे पाए माइग्रेन (Migraine) से छुटकारा – फ़ौरन पाए सर दर्द से राहत (लक्षण व उपचार)

आज हम बात करेंगे माइग्रेन (Migraine) के बारे में. यहाँ आप जानेंगे की कैसे माइग्रेन से छुटकारा पाया जा सकता है जल्दी से. नीचे
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I bet you never know these Migraine home remedies do ever exist !

About 15% of the world population,  that is 1 Billion people are affected by the Migraine. According to WHO, it is among the 20 most disabling medical conditions world wide. Women have 3x more chances to get Migraine. Following migraine home remedies in this article will help you get rid of migraine instantly and perm
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Headaches- All you need to know about them!

Headaches are so common in the world of gadgets! I myself had severe headache which was because of over exposure to laptops. I was struggling with it for almost a week before i started inculcating natural remedies in my routine. Before i give you remedies, let me explain your about types of headache.
  • Prim
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