Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches

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Do you know migraine is a neurological syndrome, causing the headache severe in forehead, side of head region or pain around your eyes? In most cases migraines are misdiagnosed as sinus or normal headaches. The headache pain may remain for ju

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Have you ever experienced that your head is spinning for a fraction of a second and then it is okay? Have you experience dizzy spells happening when you are working? Sensation of spinning or swaying is called as Vertigo. Vertigo is not a disease on its own but it is the underlying condition in
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sinus headache

Sinus headache VS Migraine Pain


Is headache ruining your life? Yes, you hear that right! Headaches can really become the menace of your life and mess your life completely.  They can be really stuffy and you can suffer from itchy, wa

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कैसे पाए माइग्रेन (Migraine) से छुटकारा – फ़ौरन पाए सर दर्द से राहत (लक्षण व उपचार)

आज हम बात करेंगे माइग्रेन (Migraine) के बारे में. यहाँ आप जानेंगे की कैसे माइग्रेन से छुटकारा पाया जा सकता है जल्दी से. नीचे
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I bet you never know these Migraine home remedies do ever exist !

About 15% of the world population,  that is 1 Billion people are affected by the Migraine. According to WHO, it is among the 20 most disabling medical conditions world wide. Women have 3x more chances to get Migraine. Following migraine home remedies in this article will help you get rid of migraine instantly and perm
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Headaches- All you need to know about them!

Headaches are so common in the world of gadgets! I myself had severe headache which was because of over exposure to laptops. I was struggling with it for almost a week before i started inculcating natural remedies in my routine. Before i give you remedies, let me explain your about types of headache.
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    A neurological condition which causes different types of symptoms. Migraine is generally characterized by an acute headache. With an intensive headache migraine’s other symptoms are nausea, vomiting, difficulty speaking, sensitivity to light and sound. It may be a hereditary disease which passes on to the family members.

    A normal headache causes a lot of pain and migraine is one step ahead of a normal headache. Its diagnosis depends upon the symptoms followed by a headache, family history, and also by checking on other causes. Migraine can start in childhood and it starts showing its symptoms after attainment of certain age. Generally, it has been observed that women are the frequent prey of this type of headache in comparison to men.

    Typically, migraine affects one side of the head and last from two to 72 hours. There are different phases of migraine headaches. An early treatment of this disease will cure it fast.

    There are the different home remedies for migraine headaches such as taking painkillers or going for allopathy treatment. But these days’ people are opting for the natural treatment of migraine. Due to zero side effects, home remedy or natural therapy are most sought help for treating the headache of migraine.

    Eyogguroo has been specifically been designed with every minute detail of home remedies to treat a migraine. Covering all the aspects of a migraine, eyogguroo is giving you solution to your problem. With just a few clicks you can get your solution. Talking about the home remedies for migraine headaches let’s get to know few of the home remedies:

    Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches

    No need to take those pills to cure migraine, you have every required thing at your home itself. Just start following the steps of eyogguroo:

    1. Use Basil

    A little herb which is found in every Indian home especially. Basil is not only worshipped by a large number of Indians but it holds a big amount of medicinal properties as well. It contains analgesic benefit. The use of Basil oil helps to soothe your muscles and relaxes your migraine headache also. Drinking Basil Tea is also a helpful remedy. Just add 3 or 4 leaves of basil in the boiling cup of water and add few drops of honey into it and have your healthy tea.

    1. Go for Ginger

    A home remedy that gives you an instant relief from your headache. It reduces the inflammation of the blood vessel and relaxes you from your pain. As ginger is helpful in improving digestion, this property of ginger helps to cure nausea also. You just need to mix equal quantity of ginger and lemon juice and drink up. An application of the paste of ginger powder with 2 spoons of water over your forehead will give relief to you within few minutes.

    1. The Magic of Essential oil

    The use of essential oil has many benefits. Among which it is helpful in curing the migraine headache. Let’s see the how it works-

    Peppermint Oil- Opening up the blocked blood vessel, it’s refreshing scent energies you. The presence of menthol in it helps to regulate the flow of blood. You can breathe in the scent of this oil in a dark room to get yourself relief from the headache. You can also massage the back of your neck and your temples with the mixture of 3drops of peppermint oil with almond oil or with a little amount of water. Sipping up peppermint tea will also be helpful.

    1. Yoga

    Eyogguroo has shown multiple benefits of yoga for curing different diseases. Few of the yoga posture is immensely effective to get rid of that migraine headache. You just need to follow the steps as mentioned on the website of the eyogguroo and within a few days of doing Yoga, you will feel the difference.

    Instead of getting panicked with your problems you should search for the solutions. With zero side effects, Eyogguroo has served a plate of effective steps to cure a migraine.

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