In the last 20 years, technology has impacted on our health. As we all know that modern technology and medicines go hand in hand. In future, the major health gains will not only come from a few miracle treatments. It also comes from mixing several breakthroughs in fields. They are like AI computing, MedTech and mobile communications, drug discovery, and biosensors.

Technology has become an essential component of life. It is required everywhere by all. It provides easy access to Information of any type motivates Creativity & Innovations, improve Communication etc. Here, I am only discussing how the today’s Technology is beneficial for our Health.

Benefits of Modern Technology

Following are some of the ways by which Human Health is enhanced with the help of Modern Technology:

  1. Health sector gives better Diagnostics facilities to the people with the help of Health-related software. It makes Doctor’s to better understand the Symptoms, Treatments for their patients’ diseases.
  2. With the arrival of various apps, People from all regions (Rural & Urban) may easily contact Doctor’s and fix their appointments with them without going anyplace.For this, you require an internet connection on your mobiles and have knowledge about their usage. It saves one’s time and energy of going outside for getting an appointment from Doctor’s. Some of the Doctor appointment apps in India are – Docs App- Consult Doctor 24*7, India OPD, Visit Dr. -Online Doctor Appointment.
  3. Many experts created various Apps and Web sites. By going to these, you will easily get health based Information like -Knowledge about the different disease(Disease Symptoms, Precautions And Treatment Charges etc.),Beauty Tips for getting Gorgeous Skin & Hair, Fitness Exercises and Dieting related information, Details about various pills, chemist shops, best medical organizations of any city etc. are available on the internet and helps individual a lot.
  4. Technology has made patients more reliable & safe than earlier. With the use of Computers & Laptops, Hospital staff makes a complete and accurate record of their patients Like, their Date of admission in Hospital, Patients Health History, Treatment Charges, Date of Discharge from the Hospital etc.
  5. With the creation of Robotic surgeries, where sometimes Doctors are not present in the operation theatre. While in other robotic surgeries, the Doctor presents in the theatre. He looks after the Robot performing the surgical procedure.
  6. Medical Scientists have been capable to examine diseases on a cellular level & make antibodies against them with the usage of technology in their research process. These Vaccines prevent the spreading of life-threatening diseases and save around 3 Million lives in a year.
  7. With the advancement in the Technology, the working efficiency of Hospitals has been increased to an outstanding extent. It will keep increasing in the future too. The use of handheld devices in hospitals brings better work efficiency and convenience for Doctor, Patients, and Nurses.

Final Verdict

To summarize, by the proper cooperation of medical institutions with the modern technology, the health sector is going to heights of progress. If you like our article, comment here. We have shared many articles related to health and technology combination.You can read our another article here ( Interrelationship between Senescent cells and Longevity of Human life ).

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