The mother tincture is nothing but a mixture of a certain amount of alcohol with some botanical extracts. It is widely used in homeopathy medicines. The disease condition may be simple or severe depending on the condition of the disease this mother tincture acts smartly in the body. Thereby helping in treating various diseases. This mother tincture is immediately absorbed in the body, they are very popular in the treating disorders, they fastly do the action in the body within 4 minutes. The gastrointestinal system takes this mother tincture better absorbed as soon as possible after entering inside.


  • Obesity- The mechanism behind the obesity management is fat burning action of mother tincture and also the power of it to increase the metabolic rates. Thereby helps in weight loss. Phytolacca mother tincture is effective in treating obesity.
  • Dandruff- In here some variety of mother tinctures are used as topical applicants in treating dandruff. Badica and cochlearia Armoracia are used in these conditions, when they are used on regular usage it provides best results.
  • Baldness- The botanical extract here used is Jaborandi with alcohol combo that helps in eliminating baldness. They can be mixed on hair oil and used directly as scalp application to get better results.
  • Burns and Scalds- Momordica balsa mine, Cantharis help in controlling the burns, these have to be applied as an external application. It has good results too. The soreness on scalp and dryness of scalp is also treated well with this type mother tincture.
  • Blood Pressure- The blood pressure level is reduced when using Lycopus Virginia and Baryta Mur mother tinctures. The method of use will be this tincture has to be taken and mixed with one glass of normal water and thereby the blood pressure level can be lowered in hypertensive patients.
  • Acne- Chrysarobinum applied topically on the acne showed relief from acne, thus this tincture to be used as an external application over the acne, try and see the difference and have acne free skin.
  • Lactation- To improve the milk secretion in nursing mother Ricinus Communis tincture is used, this has an improved in secretion level of milk.
  • Amenorrhoea- In amenorrhoea condition jonosia asoca, this mother tincture has to take 5 drops to it add half a cup of water mix well and have this mixture twice a day on daily basis to get best results.
  • Insect and Snake Bites- Cedron tincture is used in treating insect and snake bites.
  • Cancer- Cuprum sulph, Scrophularia nodosa and Lupulus are the common mother tinctures that are used widely in treating cancer ailments.
  • Corns- In treating the painful corns here comes to the best remedy. Hypericum is used as an external application on corns this has to be applied thrice in a day and then see the benefits of it.


Thus, we all come to a conclusion that, this mother tincture really plays a vital role in preventing and treating several types of diseases, thus it’s a gift from homeopathy we could say. It has all beneficial roles in human health but it is generally advised to get consulted with a homeopathic practitioner and then go on treatment rather than taking yourself.

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