What is a Period Cramps?

Have you ever wondered why do you experience so much of pain in your lower belly especially before or during the onset of your menstruation? To be precise, you experience cramps in your lower stomach area. Period Cramp is nothing but a pain that you feel in your lower belly and lower back areas.  However, the intensity of pain varies from one woman to another. Some women do not experience it at all while some are not able to do their normal activities when they get these cramps.  These period cramps are caused by the contraction of the uterus while it sheds away the lining. The period cramps are caused primarily due to these contractions.

Although medicines are there which could help you get rid of the period cramps but consuming too many painkillers is not good for our health. Have you ever thought of getting rid of your painful period cramps naturally?

In this article, I have tried to throw a light on some natural ways with which you can get rid of your period cramps.

  • Go for Acupuncture:


Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese Medicine has proved to be really beneficial in treating chronic pains. It is a method through which thin needles are inserted in certain body parts to give relief to the patients. Painful period cramps can be treated with acupuncture as it gives a great relief to the patient and eases out pain. Some secondary symptoms like nausea, vomiting or headaches can also be eased out.  A study has been carried out on women in the age group of 18 to 45 years who had been complaining of intolerable period cramps on or before the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Over a span of three menstrual cycles, the women were acupunctured and they had reported a reduction of at least 50% of their painful cramping. With regular acupuncture during the time of menstruation, they had been able to use fewer painkillers during their cycles.

  • Try taking a hot bath/detox bath

detox bath

Epsom salts have proved to be very effective in treating period cramp. It is a great option that could help you relax during your periods and also get rid of your painful condition. Besides being a low-cost option, it is best to treat your cramps naturally. You just need to take a hot bath with Epsom and feel the difference! A hot bath gives you the much-needed comfort and boosts the blood circulation which is again helpful to reduce your period cramps.

  • Extra-virgin olive oil can Help

Extra-virgin olive oil

Do you keep a bottle of Extra-virgin olive oil in your kitchen? If yes, then you have every reason to smile. Extra-virgin olive oil, also known as EVOO has proved to be extremely helpful in keeping your painful period cramps at bay. EVOO, an anti-inflammatory oil works best if taken as food supplements. It can help decline the severity and intensity of your period cramps.

  • Try out Fish Oil Supplements

Fish Oil Supplements

Those omega-3 fatty acids are real wonders! They can reduce your period cramps too! We need these acids and require to get them either from our diet or from supplements. Fish oil supplements can be a good choice. Besides lot of benefits, the fish oil supplements can reduce your discomfort that you face during your period cramps. So, try next time when you have those period cramps and see the results yourself.

  • Sleep for Adequate Hours

Sleep for Adequate Hours

Women feel tired during their periods. For this, one should blame the hormonal changes that takes place in the body at the time of menstruation.  As per the reports of the National Sleep Foundation, around 30 percent of women are deprived of their sleep due to several issues like period cramps, bloating, headaches and anxiety. If you have a troubled sleep or suffer from sleep disorders, you should start preparing yourself a long time before going to bed. During the menstrual cycles, the body temperatures rise so ensure you have a proper ambiance for sleep.

  • Practice Yoga

Yoga for period pain

If are you figuring out how to reduce your period cramps, the answer to your questions is if you practice yoga, you will surely get great results. Yoga nidra which is a relaxing kind of yoga, is the need during your period cramps. You have to do this yoga lying down on the floor completely. Being a guided meditation, there is no chance to feel frustrated about it. It has been found that women who practice yoga nidra for a minimum of 5 days a week experience less menstruation cramps and irregularities of menstruation.

Most women suffer from period cramps on or during the onset of their menstrual cycle. These cramps are really annoying and they can even go to the extent of ruining the activities of your daily life. Over-the-counter medications are always there to treat these bad period cramps but medications are not always the right choice. Medications have side effects but treating the period cramps naturally can be a healthier option. So, go for these natural ways and get your period cramps away!

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