All you need to know about walking

Easiest way to shed the extra fat or Complete body weight loss, cholesterol, walking has various health benefits. Long walks not even help you to stay in shape but also help you to think better. It increases your heart beat and circulates more blood and oxygen to your muscles and your organs. Expert says brisk walking for 30 minutes at a moderate speed can help you burn more than 150 calories.

What is Brisk Walking?
Walking above your typical walking speed and less than a jog. Brisk walking should increase your heart rate.

Our body counts each steps taken by us, so it’s not always about sports shoes, parks and stadiums. Get up from your desk or take short breaks and walk around. The benefits of fitness and exercise is undeniable, but few steps daily can take you a long way. It is said that, to bring a habit in your lifestyle you need to practice the same for at least 15 days and then your body will start getting habitual to it.  Simultaneously, the speed at which you walk also makes the difference.

Everyone is rushing towards to achieve a better lifestyle and getting into full time jobs. Most importantly those who are into desk jobs needs to concentrate on their health. So let’s discuss how few steps can improve your health.

Cut the risk of heart disease: By walking regularly, you can reduce the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. According to a study, a walk of 21 minutes a day can reduces the risk of heart diseases 30%. It is the easiest form of cardio exercise which lowers down LDL (bad) cholesterol level which increases level of HDL (Good) cholesterol level.

Lowers other diseases risk:  According to American Diabetes Association, walking is a great way to cure diabetes and also reduces the risk of cancer of breast and uterine cancer by almost 19%. Daily walk can also low down your cholesterol level.

It helps you to loose wait: Walking helps you to loose, you’ll burn around 75 calories by walking 2mph for 30 minutes. Walking also tons up your legs, bums and tums.

Walking boosts your immunity and gives your energy: Daily walk can increase number of Immune cells in your body and if followed same routine than over a period of time it can have remarkable effect on your body and will increase ability to fight diseases.

Walking can make you a much happier person: Walking can immediately change your mood and you will feel much happier. Brisk walk will reduce stress and anxiety. So walking is good for both physical and mental health.

There are endless benefit of walk/brisk walk. You just need to make it a routine. It’s difficult, but yes if you manages to adopt the change in your lifestyle than you can see the results coming out very soon.


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