New weight loss balloon is twice as effective as exercise and diet

The frustration of a too-tight waistband which you know used to fit before—is understandable. However, you may not know that vitamin deficiencies, a hormonal imbalance or the prescription medicines can lead extra weight. New weight loss method is  going to very effective as exercise and diet.

Obesity is hitting almost everyone who is busy only with their work and do not pay attention to their health. People go for many weight loss options like gym or some even go to choose painful surgeries to shed those extra pounds. Keeping in mind the problem faced by people a new treatment has been introduces that is reported to show double the impact than relying only on exercise and dieting.

Obalon balloon system

If you are those people who have no time to go to the nearest fitness Centre and due to this are gaining extra pounds you might find this article useful. The above stated treatment is an advance treatment that will attack to the main cause of you weight gain that is calorie intake is greater than calories burned.

Procedure of weight loss balloon

This treatment is FDA approved and thoroughly tested to make sure that it will not give you any serious health issues after talking it. This involves swallowing tiny capsules that have inflatable and swallowable balloons in them. This as a tube attached to it. People take these capsules with a gap of around three weeks in them. After you swallow it doctors will inflate the balloon and check for its perfect position in your stomach. The balloons are left there for six months in your tummy. After the stipulated time balloons are removed from your stomach by making small incisions.

The basic thing is that these three balloons will take some space in your stomach due to which you will get the feeling of being full. You will feel full result of which you will have less food, less food means less calories and with your normal or a little enhanced day routine the calories burned counter will go up hence you will lose that embarrassing weight.

Added benefits

The secret of this treatment being so effective does not end here. People taking this treatment during those six months (atleast) are under the supervision of a dietitian that helps them take good and healthier choices. These healthy habits continue to be with them even after the time span of six months gets over.

As much as 89.5 per cent of weight lost in this period remains lost even after finishing this treatment. People who experienced it gave the side effects like abdominal cramping a rating of mild to moderate. Some of the people using this treatment felt third balloon getting inflated. But most of them did not even feel them inside. You were ready to keep it inside them even after six months got over.


Gaining weight can destroy your personality and confidence and both are very important in today’s world. The feedbacks of weight loss balloon treatment seem to be awesome and very effective. This is a new technology to lose weight easily with minimal side effects, choice is yours.

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