Obesity impulses Brain fluids to turn life miserable

About Obesity:

Obesity is said to be the excess adipose tissue it is basically a state of being over weighted or fat more than the optimum requirement. The definition of obesity varies from one person to another. Obesity is said to be a chronic body disease which happens due to a lot of intake of food, more than the required amount by the body.

All of us require fats in the body for energy and other body function but excess of anything is always harmful. In many countries obesity is the rapidly increasing disease. Over 2/3rd of population in each country are under this chronic disability, it is increasing largely due to various eating, sleeping and lifestyle habits that are changing rapidly due to busy schedules and various unwanted habits.

What are the health issues that occur due to obesity?

As below there are certain things that occur due to obesity:

1) Insulin resistance.

2) Diabetes

3) High blood pressure & Hypertension

4) High cholesterol

5) Heart attacks & Strokes

6) Congestive heart failure

7) Gallstones (Kidney stones)

There are certain things that cause obesity like:

1) Genetics

2) Overeating

3) Psychological & Social Factors

4) Improper medications

5) Physical inactivity.

What is a Brain? Why is it important?

Brain is said to be the most important organ of the body which is made up of neurons-cells which helps the body to function with all the other organs! If the brain cells are healthy and functional it gets easy for the body to function well and obesity doesn’t set in! Brain is an important organ because all the communication initiates from the brain, it takes voluntary as well involuntary decisions. There are various holes in the brain like:

1) The Ventricles

2) Choroid Plexus

3) Cerebrospinal Fluid

4) Blood-CSF Barrier

The reason to explain these holes was that due to obesity or increasing weight these holes get affected and the results are dangerous.

How did this fluid leakage happen?

Basically our brain and the spinal cord are surrounded by the Cerebrospinal Fluid which basically protects the organs from harm. Whereas the fluid looks like water. This fluid is made up in the body in every two days. This leakage is not that easy to happen! There has to be a hole in the skull bone which must have arrived due to a trauma or an accident or an incident which was unexpected by the brain! Many researches also concluded this by saying that the reason may be obesity, no proper sleep, or may be a sudden stop at night while breathing which causes a pressure in the brain and because of which this fluid must be getting eroded. Then the only solution to stop this fluid leakage is a three hour operation that Hoffman had to go through and later didn’t find any such leakage again!


There are various problems that arise due to obesity, where it also affects the brain and causes various leakages to take place! So it is always advisable that you should take proper sleep and eat qualitative and not quantitative.

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