Organic foods Vs. Processed foods

Getting late for office? Ready to eat foods is there to serve you. Craving for something tasty instant noodles or pasta is there to diminish your craving. Thirsty? Carbonated drinks are there to Quincy your thirst. These are the modern food habits completely depending upon either on fast foods or ready to eat conventional foods.

On the other hand, our ancestors love to cook fresh foods. Who hasn’t adored the pie recipe made by your mom? Or during the Christmas time who haven’t perceived that our mom was cooking so many dishes by her own hand? From chicken preparations to veggies, every dish used to contain fresh ingredients. No processed or conventional foods were allowed. But in terms of today’s era, there is a huge ethical fight between organic or processed food. Both contains aspects which are sure to impact your life. Hence in this artifact, I thought why not do a comparison and show you all which is better with proper health aspects.

Brief Idea About Both the Foods

First, let us discuss organic foods. I believe all of our healthy readers are aware of the word organic. Organic food substances are those which does not contain any traces of harmful ingredients. At the harvesting time, no harmful pesticides, fungicides, insecticide are used. Even in terms of fertilizer natural ones are used such as vermicompost, cow dung etc. After harvesting now coming to the post-harvest part. As these are called organic food no processing steps are used for any food substances. Now here you may ask there are certain aspects which are needs to be taken care at the time of harvesting. For example, any possible pest or fungus attack how to handle such situation? Well for such also organic firms mainly use different natural home remedies. Also after harvesting, directly organic foods will be sent to the local market. No storage no processing.

Now it’s time to discuss processed food. First of all, every food we eat nowadays is processed to some level. At the harvesting time in terms of processed food ammonia will be used as an excellent fertilizer. Other chemical components with a mixture of ammonia are also used. Pesticides, fungicides, insecticides are common to avoid any attack of microorganisms. At the post-harvest level, the foods will be either sent to cold storage or will be sent in terms of processing. Now at the storage level, for many fruits carbides will be used for faster growth. Most of the time ethanol or methanol will be sprinkled with water to scavenge the attack of microorganisms. Foods which will be sent for processing, after such will be packed and will be directly sent to the warehouse.

Health Aspects

  • As in terms of organic foods, zero process, as well as harmful substances, were used it contains a good amount of nutrients. But on the other hand, while the processed foods are packed with chemical components generally it is harmful in terms of consumption.
  • While processing much of nutrient loss can be seen. Such as vitamin C is heat liable. Hence under dry heat processing, the nutrient loss will be there. But for organic foods no such problems.
  • While organic foods will be harvested and at proper times will be sent to local market no storage is needed. Only transportation. But in terms of processed foods cold storage as well as proper transportation is needed.


  • Well, the only disadvantage of organic food is, the pricing is slightly on the higher side. But for processed food at a minimal cost, you will be getting whatever food substances you want.
  • Also, production of organic foods is limited while high production in terms of processed food.

Now that I compiled every possible aspect, it’s your time to think which food is good for your health and choose it for you and of course for your family members.

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Indrani Chakroborty

Indrani Chakraborty is a full time blogger. She prefer to write about food, health and relative contents. As a foodie she love to try new dishes and exotic as well as unconventional foods.

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