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Improve your Memory

Take 2 kg Amla or Gooseberries, cut into in very small and thin pieces, put into a glass made pot. Mix well 750 gram honey in it. And closed the glass pot. Put the glass pot in sunlight till 15 days regularly. Then consume it, as 10 gram quantity of mixture with normal temperature of boiled milk. You should consume twice in a day-Morning and evening too. But you have to avoid consuming Red Peeper and tamarind. With these others remedies you will find good improvement in your memory.

Cure your ‘Daad’ or Ringworm in free

At morning, first of all, spit on your hand, rub it on ‘Daad’ or ringworm, it will be cure within a week. This is completely free medicine and all people having easily.

Verruca or ‘Massa

Take a hair of Horse, Tighten to ‘Massa’ or Verruca by the help of Hair of Horse, Massa will be fall down after break within some days.

Kids Bed Wetting at night

If any kids drop out urine on bed or bed wetting at night, give him or her one piece of almond and 5 gram ‘kishmish’ or raisins; Feed them before sleep at night regularly. Kids will be cure from this problem within one week. To keep yourself and your kids healthy, find here some home remedies for cold and cough.

Gulp or Eat Glass

If anyone gulp or eat glass by mistake, then he or she should eat boiled potato .And he or she can eat 12 gram ‘Isabgol ki bhusi’ with milk.

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