How to overcome the villain of depression by simply practicing these simple remedies?

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders, affecting millions of people across the globe regardless of age, culture, and ethnicity. Around 50% of the cases hardly undergo diagnosis, therefore not treated and results into the feeling of hopelessness, loss of appetite, irritability, anger, lack of interest in daily activities, insomnia, and loss of energy. Therefore if diagnosed at early stages can cure a person from mental illness. According to the survey, it is more common in women than man. Being depressed makes you feel helpless too. Changing the way of thinking, lifestyle and your daily routine can make you feel better. With therapy, medication, and support of your loved ones you can live a long, happy, healthy, safe and successful life ahead.

Depression Causes:

Abuse –If you have gone through in past or are going through sexual or emotional abuse can lead to the chances of serious depression.
Serious Medical Illness – If you are dealing with long-term chronic pain, stress and worry can lead to depression.
Family History- Some people may be at higher risk of depression due to their genes.
Death or Loss – Sadness arises because of death or loss of your loved one may increase the risk of depression.
Personality Trait – Some people who have natural tendency to worry a lot are more prone to depression, they are very sensitive and have low self- esteem.
Excessive Use of Drugs and Alcohol – Excess of everything is bad, whether its drug or alcohol. People who are taking the excessive quantity of drugs and alcohol are experiencing depression whether it’s showing early or later stages of depression at some point in their lives.

Depression Recovery:

Exercise – Exercise has long-term benefits for everyone. It helps you to stay healthy and fit. Which exercises you need to do is it just walking, yoga you want to join any Gym? It can give you a relief from excessive stressful situation.
Healthy Diet – Healthy Diet is the need of the hour for everybody. It can’t fix the problem of depression completely. Though it can help to ease depression if you are taking food enrich with omega- 3 fatty acids and folic acids.
Proper Sleep- Depression can make you feel worse even you are unable to shut your eye just for a while. Avoid taking nap as it can make your state more worsened. Get ample amount of enough sleep and avoid using TV, computer, and mobile phone. You will soon find your sleep is improving.
Positive Thoughts – Dealing with negative thoughts is challenging, but you have to try to be positive. It could be the scenario that you are thinking that you are the most worthless person on the earth, nobody likes you. But is this actually true? It is going to take some time, but with practice, you would be able to conquer all those negative thoughts before they get out of control and it gets too late. You a have to change your thinking, cling to the positive things and see good things around you.
Do something novel – When you are feeling depressed, motivate yourself to do something new, Go for vacations. Take your favorite book and read on a park bench, do whatever makes you happy and keeps your mind relax. You can also learn something new like dance, music or even a language.
Daily Planner- Plan your things in advance, if you are unable to achieve a bigger goal, break it into small achievable goals that can keep you busy and you won’t think about something you haven’t achieved yet. Plan daily, achieve daily. Pat yourself for small accomplishments in your ways that will make you happy.
Don’t skip a meal- Never ever skip your meal, always take the proper meal on time that will keep your blood and sugar level stable.
Balancing Hormones- If any of your hormones from above – thyroid, adrenal or sex hormone is out of control than your mood will be unsteady. You can visit to your nearby doctor and have the following test if the need arises- thyroid gland test, adrenal gland test and Sex hormone test.

Always Remember:

When you are feeling depressed you have to relearn how to enjoy your life and feel fun again. You have to keep your focus towards the brighter things by achieving small goals, Plan things like go for a movie with your loved ones or have a trip, or anything that gives your mind a state of relaxing.
Everybody on this planet is different and there are lots of factors that contribute to depression. If cured at an early stage can cure a person, otherwise, the person who is suffering can lead to death or suicide in the worst case. It is necessary to find out what exactly is the cause that is causing worry to the person so much that he is going into the stage of depression so that he can seek proper guidance and support.
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