Overweight teen boys have increased the risk of stroke in later life

According to several studies, it is concluded that around eighty percent teenagers are obese and out of these eighty percent seventy-two percent are boys. Now according to the Swedish scientist, these obese boys increase the risk of stroke in their later life by ten percent. Those who are fat around eight or ten and have normal weight in their teen age have the normal chances of stroke in their old age. According to this scientist when there are two point increases in the body mass index I.e. BMI between the age group from eight to twenty are twenty percent more likely to have a stroke. Check out how Overweight teen boys have increased the risk of stroke in later life.

Dr Jenny Kindblom in his research concluded that in today’s time there is more risk of stroke to adults as compared to the old generation. The study also concluded that there is also more risk of high blood pressure to the people who were obese in their teen age. And it is being medically proved that people with high blood pressure have more chances to have a stroke.

How was this research concluded?

Researchers on the trial basis picked around 37,669 males living in that area. Those participants were required to tell their body weight, height, body mass index, childhood weight and disease they were suffering from.  Now they tried to compare and connect this data with their later life health outcomes and the situation they compared their weight and no. of strokes they had or any possibility of blockage or stroke they had.


Among the given number of participants it was found that around 918 people had strokes out of these nine hundred eighteen strokes 672 were ischemic strokes, 207 intracerebral hemorrhages, and thirty-nine could not be determined.

An ischaemic stroke is a situation where a blood clot blocks the flow of blood and oxygen to the passage of brain. It is among the most common and frequent kinds of stroke which people are suffering now a day.

An intracerebral hemorrhage is a situation where in the weak blood vessel in the passage of brain bursts and makes the blood spill internally.

How did the researchers conclude the results?

The researchers found out that, increase in body mass index during teen age is directly connected with the risk of strokes during the adulthood.

They concluded that increase in body mass index results in higher blood pressure which directly connects with the chances of strokes or vessel blockage.


From the above study conducted by researchers, it can easily be concluded that there was a connection between being obese in the teen ages and having a stroke in the adult hood.

It also recommends that the best part of the study found was that there are no increased chances of strokes if you obese around 8 and not in your teen ages. In case, you liked our content, then comment below and read our more articles here ( How and when to use marijuana medicine? , Why you should Choose Healthy Food? ).


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