Stomach ache

1. Take one tea spoon ‘Ajwain’ or celery half tea spoon black salt with hot water. It will make you relax in a pain.
2. Drink warm lemon water and some of the health benefits of drinking water.


1. Take 5 gram of clove and 3 gram of camphor, grind it well and make powder of it. Rub this powder on your teeth; you will cure your toothache soon.
2. Mix ‘Sendha Namak’ or Rock salt and mustard oil, and clean your teeth by it daily, your ‘Piriya’ problem will be kill within some days only. Your teeth will be strong too.
3. Rub Water of onion on your teeth, it will make your teeth worm free. And it is so much beneficial in many teeth problems.


1. Drink basil leaves tea for remedy to headache due to cold or in winter season.
2. Take some lemon tree leaves, grind it well and make or crush juice of it. Put some drop of juice in your noise. Who people have headache most of time, they will get sure relief by this homemade medicine and if you have cough problem, then you are at right place, find here home remedies for cough.

Mouth ulcer

1. Use glycerin on your mouth ulcer. It will cure your mouth ulcer soon.
2. Drink more water.
3. Chewing leaves of Jasmine. It will cure your mouth ulcer.

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