With increasing age, your parents might start experiencing signs of their declining health. Many times, they even avoid disclosing it to you as they think that they should not bother their children.

In conditions like this, parents try to sidestep confrontation. They tend to think that it might detach their children, or they are afraid of not getting a helping hand after disclosing the problem.

Therefore, it’s your obligation as their child to persuade them not to keep these issues under the covers as it might be risky in the future. You must try to make them extremely comfortable so that they can discuss their health issues and feelings with you. Even if they are not ready to communicate the truth, you can keep an eye out for various symptoms in their lives to find out the truth.

Warning Signs or Symptoms That your Parents Might Be Going Through Health Issues


  • Wrong Eating Habits

With the increase in age, older people suffering from health issues begin losing their appetite. Their physique becomes feeble, and they find it hard to perform their daily chores. This mainly happens when they ignore proper eating practices.

  • The Habit of Forgetting Things

Forgetting things or Dementia is one of the most common health issue symptoms, which comes with old age. It can be –names of people to the time of doctor’s appointment, medicines, bills and even their daily routine tasks. If you see something like this happening to your parents, you should take them to a doctor.

  • Prolonged Pain

There are high odds that your parents might not disclose to you about a pain they started experiencing. They might try to modulate such aches as just a consequence of ageing, but these pains and aches can also be symptoms of something more threatening. So, you must make it a duty to check if you see them in pain while sitting down or getting up.

  • Dizziness

Diabetes, thyroid, low blood pressure and excessive medications can be the key reasons why your parents feel dizzy the whole day. Keep an eye out for this factor as they can even fall on the ground and hurt themselves if they feel excessively shaky.

  • Inability to Drive

Parents may experience some problems while driving if they are suffering from a health issue. It can be a problem with their vision, failure to drive or just a problem of responsiveness of the surroundings. They suppress these problems because they do not wish to miss their option to drive around. However, this can result in a mortal disaster, so ensure that you assess these problems periodically.

What Should You Do for Their Well-Being?


  • Take Safety Measures

Firstly, you must find the problems that your parents are facing on a daily basis, and then try to help them with a solution to that problem. It can be by making the house more age-friendly, using toilet seats, etc.

  • Communicate

If you regularly share your worries and feelings for them, you will be able to inspire them to take better care of their health. It will also give them assurance to inform you about any signs of their failing health conditions.

  • Motivate them to Visit Doctor

You will need to make efforts to fix a doctor’s appointment for your parents on a regular basis, specially, if you see them with the symptoms mentioned above. On-time health check-ups can keep you aware about their health.

  • Buy Health Insurance

Amid the inactive lifestyle and growing health issues, there are options through which you can secure your parent’s health. It can be by taking them to regular check-ups, monitoring their health issues and managing their regular activities. However, no matter how hard you try, there are some health issues you can’t prevent. In such a case, purchasing health insurance might come in handy if their health deteriorates. When you purchase a health insurance plan for your parents, you secure them and yourself of the financial burden that might befall on you in case of emergency.

‘The Takeaway’

Your parents will never tell you directly when they require your help. However, it is your duty to find their health problems if any and address them at the earliest. Make them feel secure with sharing their fluctuating health with you so that you can take the necessary measures to prevent any major problem. Let your parents know that their health is of utmost importance for you and keep their health insured by purchasing health insurance for them.

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