Choosing the right foods is an essential role in treating diabetes, your meal should be proper with healthy choices of food items in it, along with that one should always remember to do some means of any physical activity, thereby helping out to maintain your blood sugar under control and finally your medications are must, please follow it according to the physician advice. Diabetics need to split up their meal and eat it for six times in a day, so that damping of food is not happened to our body also the required amount of food alone will be utilized and there will be hike in blood sugar. So it is a simple concept, but the right choice of food, yes in this session I am going to share you what sort of foods are must in diabetes person’s daily menu. Come let us see about the healthy pattern of diet.



Blue berries are the best foods for diabetic, since it has the power to enhance the sensitivity of insulin in our body. Thus helps the diabetes patients to maintain blood sugar level. It has a good anti-inflammatory effect, which help out in preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. So what you must do, try to include daily blueberries in your diet, it is antioxidant enriched fruit that serves as a wonderful food for diabetic persons.



In oranges hesperidin is found, it is a anti-inflammatory compound, that is good for diabetic persons, also soluble fiber present in oranges are also considered as an healthy one among diabetes. Prefer to take oranges as a whole, than taking it in juice form. The above said criteria will definitely helps in bringing the blood sugar under control and also helps in further complications like, protecting your heart from CVD. So oranges are must in a diabetic diet, in whole fruit form. Not only oranges all citrus fruits are highly advised to include by diabetic people in their diet.



Chick peas becomes a perfect choice for diabetic persons, since it has very low glycemic index, glycemic index is nothing but the ability of the food substance to enhance the glucose level on blood. Generally legume and lentil consumption on diet is advised for diabetics it not only lowers the blood sugar but also helps in lowering the pressure on blood. Thereby help to maintain a healthy circulatory system.

Dark Chocolate


The fasting insulin levels are lowered in blood when you daily consume this amazing healthy and good quality of dark chocolates in your diet without fail, also these dark chocolates has the power to reduce the pressure on blood. Always remember to choose high quality dark chocolates, to get its amazing benefits. It has poly-phenol, which compound helps in protecting your heart’s health too.

Plant based meals


A plant based meal plan helps to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, it is found in a research study. In that research study also found that, these plant based diet pattern on daily basis not only helps in maintaining blood sugar, but to lower your blood pressure, triglycerides get lowered on blood and also increase on good cholesterol on blood, thus a vegan diet helps in protecting your heart health and keeping blood sugar at control.

Olive oil


Try to include cardiac friendly oils and fats, so you have to eliminate all saturated fats and trans fats, include unsaturated fats like olive oil in your diet, these oils are cardiac friendly oils, which helps in protecting your heart health, don’t think I just have only diabetes, diabetes is highly associated with stroke and CVD, once you get diabetes, then chance of getting heart disorders and stroke rate are higher among them. So try to include healthy foods for your heart health. If you are non- diabetic when using this extra-virgin olive oil on daily diet, it helps in prevention of type 2 diabetes. If your diabetic it helps on maintain your blood sugar under control and protecting your heart health naturally, so try to incorporate such a healthy olive oil in daily diet, by including on salads or just cook anything with olive oil, that’s all your health is enriched.

I hope the above shared information will be really informative to everyone who go through it and thanks for taking immense time to read-out my article, if you found my article as useful one and good, then kindly like this content and keep sharing the article with your friends and family members, since sharing is like caring. Your feedback and comments on article are most welcome; it will really grow as well. You share this article among your groups so that the information get’s passed away and will definitely useful for someone who read it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, thanks once again. Keep waiting until I bring you new innovative content with lots of useful information in it. Till then it’s Ramya signing off from you. Have a healthy day and live a healthy way to counter your blood sugar level naturally.

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