Plyometric Exercises for Cardio Workout

This might be surprising for you, but is true because you can now perform the best of cardiac workouts without visiting the gym. The possibility of this has been raised because of the plyometric exercises that don’t really need any machine for its performance. These are otherwise known as jump training that would maximise the flexibility of muscle within a short interval of time. During the exercise the basics being focused is the muscle expansion and contraction to improve body stamina and to keep heart strong.

Basically these kinds of training include activities to activate the quick response and elastic properties of the muscles of the body. With some traditional mode of explanation this is explained as the short jump training. You might have remembered the training of sports like basketball, volley ball, tennis and some other actions which need to jump to a short height. These are the ways in which one can easily stretch their muscles and that would give the beginning to a healthy heart.

Types of Plyomet-

With reference from different sources, there are a lot of exercises that signify the plyometric varieties and they are like:-

  • Plyo Pushups :-

The exercise marks its extension from the bottom position until the hands completely leave the ground. You can cushion your hands on the ground and then repeat the position for 15 seconds straight.

  • Box Jumps:-

To perform this you can use a box that would fix around with the knee height and that would make you tuck your knees for your landing. Take a smooth landing on the box and then squat to the depth in parallel to the load.

  • Bounding;-

This exercise is going to help with dynamic coordination. first you need to start with jogging. Then push off the left foot as it lands. During that bring the right knee to 90 degree to make the thigh parallel to the ground. Reach forward with both arms and repeat pushing off the right foot.

  • 2- Leg Bounding:-

You can start the exercise in a squat position. With using your arms to propel yourself, start jumping as far forward and high. Keep your landing softly and then immediately take off into the next jump. Repeat around 10 jumps to make it the best.

  • Depth Jumps;-

In this you need to stand with knee high and the feet shoulder width apart with toes near the edge of the box. Then can step off and land in a full squat position. Try to jump as high as possible.

  • Jump Lunges:-

Step up into an open space and maintain width between the feet hips and make on with a comfortable lunge position and then take the best jumps possible.

Targeted actions:-

These kinds of plyometric exercises are going to maximise the power that would make our muscles strong. Further this is being managed with quite quick and explosive moves that responses. Thus, it generate more of energy than those strength training. There are body parts like legs and glutes being targeted to get energized during this exercise. Most important the exercises are comfortably flexible with a combination of stretching and straining of the muscles.

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