Sleep is such an essential one; all aged group people need sufficient sleep for proper functioning of human system. In a very recent research study it is found that very poor sleep in the infant stage level may lead to attention problem in the later age period, yes it is absolutely true; your body need sufficient resting time which you give to your body through sleep. While doing so, it can affect the behavioral pattern ad also affects the cognitive power of a child.  The study found that the child in later hood have affected power of reasoning, memory power becomes less, paying attention becomes very lower and problem solving skills also becomes less on the child who experiences poor sleep.

The study found that insufficient amount of sleep in early school period leads to increased risk for neuro-behavioral function at the age of seven years and around seven years of age. The study carried out for the children under the age group of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. The questionnaires are filled by asking the child’s mother and then evaluation of the child cognitive function was done. In a study it is also found that children those who are living in home with low income and also those children mother’s who had less education, those children has only less level of sleep which is lesser than nine hours at 5 to 7 years of age.

When you see the other factors for the development of poor sleep they are television viewing to the higher extent of child, when they have high body mass index and also if they are American or African.  The study result revealed the same says the mothers and teachers who had conducted the survey and found that lack of sufficient sleep on the child resulted in poor function of cognitive power. They had neuro-behavioral issues in the later mid of the childhood. Thus it is our role to the developing kids that to promote them with sufficient knowledge of saying about the importance of good quantity and quality of sleep from the young age itself, so that we can avoid the unwanted health issues because of it.

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In the previous study it is found that poor sleep or insufficient sleep at young age can lead to the onset of chronic diseases in the later of life. Chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, renal disorders, cardiac diseases and stroke can be developed of this poor sleep pattern.  Because of lack of sleep there will be eating disorders can result, impulse eating of foods that too on excess consumption of the high calorie foods all those can result in lifestyle disorders.

In the young age period there will be rapid growth and development of body and mind, thus physical and mental growth is high at this period. Therefore babies, teenage people and children require more amount of sleep than an adult. The overtired child become more hypertensive and acts aggressive because of lack of sufficient amount of sleep.

How exercise and diet is important, the same extent sleep is also important, adequate amount of sleep at young age can make them stay away from gain in excess weight, development of diabetes, low attention problems and learning issues in children’s.

Adequate amount of sleep particularly at night times makes to flush out the toxin which causes disease in human body. During sleep our body will repack with neurotransmitters that help the brain cells to communicate effectively. Thus our kids are how in a danger zone of life can now be known by the quantity and quality of their sleep level. During bed time of a child when they start using electronics item like mobile, tablet, laptop all that can affect the sleep occurrence on child.

Do you know that sleep promotes good growth and development of children, it helps for healthier heart functioning. Also there is strong evidence that sleep affects the weight of an individual, poor sleep makes them obese. Good amount of sleep helps to fight against microbes and stay protected from several diseases. The risk for injury gets reduced on getting appropriate sleep. When a child gets good sleep in night time that makes the kid to pay much attention. Also sleep helps to boost learning power. Thus we all now come to know that how nap possesses a powerful magic which helps to safeguard our human body in all possible ways.

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