Positive Thinking is the Only Way to Eternal Bliss But What is the Secret Medicine for Negative Thinkers?

Most of us believe that “No antidote can cure a negative thinker and No toxin can impair a positive thinker” but I believe that there exists a medicine that can not only cure a negative thinker but makes a person silver lining. The person is not negative, the circumstances made him so much negative that he is not able to see good in any situation. A medicine that can completely transform a person who is lacking hope is a medicine of unconditional love, friendship, care, affection, trust, support and happiness by closed ones.

If + (positive) person is broken it will be divided into two negatives (-) But when we combine two negatives (-) it can either be converted into × (multiplication / n Times) or +(Positivity). The loved ones change your outlook towards your life and prepare you for a broader scenario. Positive thinking is a blessing in disguise that multiplies your favorable outcome and reshapes your negative thinking and makes your journey somewhat soothing.

Be Brave to Follow Your Heart By Positive Thinking


Positive mind leads to a positive heart that leads to a positive soul that ultimately leads to positive thinking and you are going to see things that are invincible as of now only but are achievable. For that, you must have that courage to follow what your heart wants to communicate with your soul as researchers prove that our heart communicates thousand times better than our brain. It is as simple as that if we believe that we have already achieved that, whatever it may be your dream home, lavish car, luxurious lifestyle or any other thing more than half of your battle has already won  and once your plan is executed properly with positive thinking and positive mindset it becomes a  reality for sure.

Don’t Be Hesitant To Choose Unravelled Road


Most people just imitate others and live an ordinary life. Extraordinary things are achieved by ordinary people who do extra things on a regular basis and have positive thinking. These are people who are always hungry for the knowledge, growth, and self – improvement. Positive thinkers choose the path which broadens their horizons and reach the excellence. Travel the unravel road and show the magic you can do with your positive thinking. People who have gone through the pain, stress, anxiety, fear, pressure and come across the negative situation so many times but their positive thinking lead them to discover themselves.

Be a Sailor and Master of Your Own Journey by Unique Thinking

The life is a journey, everybody has one day or 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds equal time then why only a few achieve what they want is one of the biggest questions. Only handful of people are millionaire or billionaire because they are doing what their opponents are not doing. They are one step ahead of their dissidents. Only you are the sailor not the passenger of your journey of life. Life throws you again and again but remember you have to complete your journey, so think as deep as you can, do creative things and work smartly. People with positive thinking are not exceptional they become exceptional by continuously working again and again on their unique ideas and became a master of their own destiny.

Don’t Let the Negativity to Kill Your Abundance


Negativity kills your abundant thinking, creativity to perform, your happiness and your hopefulness too but if you are thinking positively or have become a positive thinker you are going to see a brighter outlook, regardless of what your present scenario is. Don’t sacrifice your present or contemplate about past or future. Instead, think positive, gather what resources you have as of now, how you can use them effectively and efficiently. Think yourself as an abundant source of knowledge and power as life teaches you lessons every day, every minute and every second only if your thinking is positive. On the other note if you are thinking only negative you are going to surround yourself with negative people.

Think Positive, Visualize and Achieve

First aim is to think about the idea you have, whatever it may be any small idea can change your life can convert “n” no’s into the single ON, till then think positive, be happy and visualize that you have already achieved that victory. Transformation phase is the toughest phase you have to go through the painful cycle again and again, the more the pain the more you are hurt the greater is going to be your victory. So think unique, see the invisible dream in your heart, mind, and soul and finally achieve by positive thinking.


You have to find out the answers to the following questions like Who, What, When, Why, Where and How for being a positive thinker.

  • Who is responsible for your goal that keeps you focused towards positive thinking?
  • What are the hindrances that need to overcome and be positive?
  • When are you going to achieve great things by your positive thinking?
  • Why is this necessary to keep thinking positive?
  • Where are the ingredients that are needed to encourage yourself for being positive?

To have a rosy outlook enthusiasm, zeal, cheerfulness, hopefulness and positive thinking are necessary. You should be optimistic towards your inner goal, train your subconscious mind to see something great is going to happen. Your inner voice doesn’t lie. Take the responsibility for your goal yourself, don’t depend on any single person and throw the obstacles from your way. Devote yourself towards your only goal that is going to transform your whole life. Because you have your loved ones with you who are giving you unconditional support, love, care, and affection you have to change you’re thinking from negative to positive. Surely you are going to achieve great things if you are on the note of positive thinking it is the possibility it will take some time but you are definitely going to achieve whatever vision you have. If you are a negative thinker why not give a trial to Positive thinking and let’s see the magic afterward step by step. The best ingredients to keep you towards the positive thinking is the hope you have as it’s only after every darkest night there is a silver lining guaranteed.

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