Practice Yoga to Keep Diabetes at Bay

If you are fed up with the medication and insulins, then it is the right to add yoga to your routine to control the level of sugar and diabetes. Yes, you read it right. There are several yoga postures available to control your sugar. We have listed some useful yoga poses so that you can avail benefits of them.

Yoga not just heals your sugar and diabetes issues, but also provides utmost mental peace to you. Just take a look at the best yoga practices to treat sugar and diabetes:
• Kapalbhati:

It is the best way to cure sugar and diabetes problems. If you have these problems, then it is best to practice Kapalbhati on a regular basis to get maximum benefits. It is one of the most effective and helpful pranayama forms for the people who are suffering from sugar and diabetes issues. But, it is extremely important to perform kapalbhati under the supervision of an expert. Kapalbhati is a blessing for diabetes patients as it helps in controlling your disease.
• Anulom-vilom:

It is another effective way of controlling the sugar and diabetes. It is better known as the alternate nasal breathing technique. In this practice, you need to close the right side nostril and inhale through the left nostril. After that, close the left one and exhale from the right nostril. Try to breathe slowly and deeply. It is one of the most popular and effective ways of handling sugar and diabetes.
There are some yoga positions and yoga poses for beginners available to control your sugar and diabetes. You can add them in your pranayama practices or perform them simply. Just take a look:
• Mandukasan:

It is one of the best positions for sugar and diabetes patients. In this asana, you need to sit on the floor in the position of Vajrasana. After that, make fists with both of your hands and then place them on your abdomen. Now, press fists against your stomach. After this, make an effort to touch the floor with your forehead. Bend yourself downwards as much as you can. Hold this Mandukasan at least for 20 seconds and then come in normal position.
• Matsyendrasana:

It is another fabulous yoga position to control sugar and diabetes. It is also known as the fish pose. If you are suffering from thyroid, pancreas, testicles, then this is the perfect pose for you. This particular pose helps in toning your muscles. It is a great asana for sugar and diabetes patients. This asana needs some practice, but once you become an expert, you will easily handle your sugar and diabetes.
• Suptavajrasana:

This pose is an expansion of vajrasana basically. This pose is a little difficult to do, but this pose is great for diabetics. If you want to beat your sugar and diabetes, then do this asana with the help of an instructor.
So these are some helpful as well as effective pranayama and yoga postures for controlling sugar and diabetes. By keeping your diet balanced along with these yoga practices, you can stay healthy always.

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