Why one should practice Yoga? Read to know more

All you need to know about practice yoga and its advantages

The first word that comes to our mind when we think of yoga is ‘asanas’. Daily practice yoga is not merely doing of asanas or may be purchasing fancy yoga clothing and mats for some, but is a rich, spiritual and enlightening practice with a touch of mystic element that gives you a sensation of something that is beyond all imagination. Yoga is more than 10000 years old. Since then it is seen as a process of inner journey or ascent of consciousness.

We all know why yoga is beneficial for us. It is a powerful stress buster, ensures peace of mind and body, it improves your ability to work, you gain flexibility and numerous others. If you have never considered yoga to be an integral part of your health, wellness and fitness regime, you are surely and definitely missing out more than you think.

A regular practice of yoga generally benefits your internal organs. Whether the culprit is a huge meal or oily food, indigestion and bloating never makes you feel good. Regular yoga helps you in the detoxification of internal organs. It helps in circulation of required nutrients and proper contraction of the diaphragm muscles thereby improving the functionality of the digestive system. Easier digestion means more energy for the body. Since it emphasizes on deep breathing and hence gets your blood pumping, it is essentially good for your heart and lungs too.

Yoga is a physical exercise and any physical exercise burns calories and hence helps you reduce weight. But there is more to it, improving mind- body connections promotes healthier lifestyle choices, including your regular diet. Sometimes you can’t help but gulp down food ,especially after an intense workout , when your body craves for energy. A regular practice defenses against sudden food cravings. Regular sessions of yoga help your mind concentrate that translates into better performance at work. Yoga also helps enhance your creativity. In addition, yoga and meditation decreases anxiety and depression while increasing happiness and thereby providing a quality lifestyle.

Yoga poses not only improves body strength, increase bone density but is one of the best ways for solving bas posture issues as an inappropriate posture is not only ugly but adds to adverse effects on the body. Doing yoga on a daily basis leaves makes life simplier and easier. So in order to enjoy its long lasting benefits, you need to practice it religiously with a completely focused mind and utmost patience. If you are an infant to this practice, go on a yoga retreat. You will definitely come back more hungry.

Though many think of yoga as a physical exercise where people stretch, twist and turn, breathe in the most complex way. The science of yoga imbibes in itself the complete essence of life. In a nutshell, yoga is the journey of the self, through the self to the self.

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