A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty’ goes an anonymous saying. Having a baby is the most magical experience ever. For an expecting mother, the journey from conception to delivery is a mystery. It is a journey that is to be relished every bit. For couples who are not able to conceive naturally, there are best fertility centers around the world. At any good fertility clinic in Chennai or any city recognizes and acknowledge the fact of infertility and focuses on the solution. This is the driving force behind all the pregnancy care facilities. They are designed with utmost attention to the comfort of a mother-to-be in bringing her bundle of joy to life. Be it the state of the art in-house facilities, the fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit or the birthing center, they provide you the best experience.

Fertility Clinics in Chennai provide different types of fertility services for the couples which consist of the following:

  • Care at the time of Preconception
  • Assessment at the time of fertility
  • Natural Fertility Facilities

A fertility clinic in Bangalore, caters to the unspoken needs of a woman. The fertility doctors are not just medically sound obstetricians with a list of degrees. They are maternity specialists who understand the psychology of a pregnant woman. Their expertise and experience translate into customized care for the duration of pregnancy for expecting mothers. They extend help in understanding the diet and exercise regime that will pave way for a smooth delivery. Nutritional workshops are conducted to help handle situations like gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, increased weight gain, impaired glucose tolerance.

It is true that you love to have a new baby in your lap– but your life takes a 360 degree turn and you might have to confront a lot of difficulties and the path may be very rocky. A lot of issues might occur like problems with breastfeeding, at the work front, and getting rid of the baby weight. She can cope up with these challenges with her grit and determination and of course with the co-operation of her colleagues and dear ones. It has been observed that the majority of the woman takes almost a year to get back to their original size, but all through these days she needs constant support.

Childbirth can be an overwhelming experience. For a woman who is unprepared for it, this experience can be a life changing event. The prenatal and postnatal workshops educate future mothers and empower them with essential knowledge about childbirth. General misconceptions and myths regarding various phases of the child birth are dealt with, enabling pregnant women to breathe easy. They believe an aware and a relaxed mother will be in a better position to be part of the whole birthing process.  The childbirth facilities include fully equipped luxury rooms and suites that are ideal locations for the joyous occasion. The pregnancy doctors monitor the birthing situation from start to end, ensuring the best of support and care is extended.

Pregnancy care at any fertility clinic extends beyond childbirth. There are multiple resources to help the new mother get to grips with aspects like lactation, breastfeeding support, latching and burping. IVF treatments and other artificial reproductive technologies are a boon to a lot of childless couple who are seeking to become pregnant. Infertility is very common and the advancements in science and technology has evolved to find and provide us the best possible solution. Infertility is not an illness, it is a condition which our reproductive system faces. There is very little or no symptom involved when you are infertile. Only a medical examination can figure out your fertility health.

The growth of a newborn baby is among the natural courses in the world, but it certainly requires a little help. Few of the most highly risked pregnancies can be handled with the help of competent professionals and medical expertise. At the time of birth obstetricians or gynecologists might face complications and at that time they might require assistance of neonatal specialist. Some special cases that would need immediate consultation with a neonatal specialist are the following:

  • Premature birth, which means if the child is born before the stipulated time ie 37th week of pregnancy
  • Jaundice
  • Cardiac abnormalities
  • Issues feeding the baby
  • Meconium aspiration
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Respiratory problems
  • Inborn defects
  • Metabolic problems that are inherited

In this case obstetricians or gynecologists are required to coordinate with neonatal medicine specialists to avoid higher risk and see to it that the baby is absolutely safe.

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