Natural Home Remedies for Abortion

Pregnant Lady


“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.” – Mary Mason

Pregnancy doesn’t take you away from your daily routine but in certain ca

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C-Section Births


What is a C-Section birth?

C-section birth is also known as caesarean delivery; here there will be usage of surgery to deliver the baby, C-section births are must when the vaginal delivery makes the mother and baby at medical risk conditions. Based on the shape

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Don’t ignore few warning signs of pregnancy, when you taken in to action earlier then the severity can be avoided and based on it right treatment can be given at correct time without fail. So when you come to notice these signs of pregnancy, take immediate action.

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A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty’ goes an anonymous saying. Having a baby is the most magical experience ever. For an expecting mother, the journey from conception to delivery is a mystery. It is a journey that is to be relished every bit. For couples wh

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गर्भावस्‍था (PREGNANCY) में योग करने से मां और बच्‍चा दोनों रहते हैं फिट

योग हमारी सेहत के लिए कितना फायदेमंद हैं, शायद यह बात हमें आपको बताने के जरूरत नहीं है। जी हां Read more

home remedies for abortion


Abortion is done when the parenting act can’t be taken by the women both by physical and through mental means. The unwanted pregnancy only makes a desire to abortion. The causes for abortions may be several like, financial conditions, emotional status of mother, medical condition etc,

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Deal with pregnancy induced hypertension!

When a women gets pregnant, her world goes upside down- Pregnancy, hormonal fluctuation, risks! At one end it is extreme happiness, at the other end is responsibility to take care of herself as well as the her baby who has not yet come in the world. When a women conceives, she has all doctors with all advice's around
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Home Remedies for Unwanted Pregnancy 

Home Remedies for Unwanted Pregnancy

Many times the couple is unconsciously prejudiced even if they are having unnecessary precautions. But in astonishing circumstances, they do not need to panic. Because we are going to discuss how to avoid unwanted Pregnancy using home remedies for unwanted pregnancy<
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Wants to get rid off stretch marks? These remedies will surely help !

Stretch marks are normal part of your life. It is very common when girls and boys hit their puberty. This bothers many youngsters because they do not understand about what is happening to their body. Know the thing is how to get rid off stretch marks easily.

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    Home Remedies for Unwanted Pregnancy

    Conceiving a child is the best feeling for women and a blessing for the couple, but when the parents are ready for it both mentally and physically. Hence, there are several cases for unwanted pregnancies in women. In such cases, a woman is left with either accepting the baby or abort the child. Although most people think that abortion is the only to escape unwanted pregnancies, it is not. But this does not hide the fact that surgical methods are often painful and may have side effects on the woman’s body, thus, it is advisable, by most doctors to take natural methods for abortion. The reason to adapt to home remedies for unwanted pregnancy is to avoid the painful procedures of a surgical treatment and avoid the harmful side effects it may have upon your body, opting for natural methods for abortion.

    Food To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

    There are many fruits and vegetables which are advised not to be taken during pregnancy such as papaya, pineapple, cinnamon, sesame seeds and goji berries. The same can become the solution to abort your child naturally! Consume fresh juices of these vegetables or consume it as it is; the effects of these would help you to avoid unwanted pregnancy without much of a pain.

    Exercise To Prevent Pregnancy

    Exercising is one of the most effective methods and most adapted natural methods for abortion! Cardio exercises and weight training, combined together help you to naturally abort your baby. What more, it gives you more health benefits as a side result as compared to the negative side effects a surgical operation may have upon your body.

    Other Home Remedies for Abortion

    There are numerous other ways and unwanted pregnancy diet plan you can adapt in your normal routine life that can help you prevent unwanted pregnancy without spending those banknotes or bearing the pain like a hot shower, Evening Primrose Oil, and the likes. So the next time you find yourself in such a situation, you already what to do. Follow these home remedies and natural methods for abortion and see the results.


    Eyogguroo is solving the grave concern of ladies i.e. unwanted pregnancy. Many women find it difficult to discuss this issue and go for medication without anyone’s advice. This can harm their health as well. Keeping in mind the delicacies of the issue Eyogguroo has come up with some of the effective remedies to get rid of that unwanted pregnancy naturally without harming your health. As Eyogguroo focuses only on the natural treatment for any kind of disease, it has gained popularity for this. In the early stages of pregnancy, the abortion can be done by following the steps given by Eyogguroo. Eyogguroo has also given the Pregnancy Diet Plan which can be helpful in getting rid of that unwanted pregnancy.

    Be the part of change with Eyogguroo!.

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