Probiotics a treasure from the ancient period till now and will forever

Probiotics are the healthy microorganism which aids in healthy digestive system. Healthy gut is required to promote strong immunity, when taken probiotics along with antibiotics helps in decrease in the amount of bad microorganism and there by prevent the body from infections. There are several types of Probiotics but most commonly used probiotics are the lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

How Does Probiotics Work

Probiotics keep on recolonization in the stomach thereby helps to power the bad microbes and thereby eliminates the pathogens and gives the improved gut function. Every child requires healthy gut thereby to get good immunity power and also decrease the inflammation level and supports for the growth of the children when taken probiotics regularly, dysbiosis of probiotics results in several disorders in human body.

Who are the real sufferers?           

Children those who encounter the problem of lactose intolerance are the real sufferers, since there may not be sufficient amount of good bacteria in the gut. Thereby they have the problem of digestive disorders like ulcerative colitis, diarrhea.

Trends in Probiotics

It is a very good innovation we can say because children with autism when taken probiotics regularly in diet and they should take probiotics in 15-30 billion/day, this quantity when they taken then there can be improved cognition and improved level of neuro function.

What are the list of probiotics food

Yoghurt, dark chocolates, miso soup, pickles, kefir, tempeh, sauerkraut, microalgae, kimchi, kombucha tea.

A Health benefits of Probiotics

1.Improves the gut health

2.Cures from diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, eczema, cold and flu.

3.Promotes healthy immune system

4.Improves the cognitive function in Autism

5.It decreases the triglycerides, CRP, VLDL level in blood of Alzheimer disease patients

6.Improves the Impaired spatial learning

7.Reduce the stress level

8.Probiotic usage helps to improve mood, reduces the stress level, improves concentration power and decreases the pain sensivity

The probiotics are available now a day in several supplement forms such as Probonix these supplements help in building good microorganism in a healthier way. The health of the brain is determined by the health of gut, thereby intake of regular probiotics in supplement form helps in decreasing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease and autism. The pharmaceutical component of probiotics available in the market are with good quality of microorganisms that Mets the RDA.

Lactobacillus is the probiotic found in yoghurt and in some fermented foods. Bifidobacterium is found in dairy products. Scientists give a clear picture that probiotics reduce the risk of diarrhea by 52%. The intestinal tract of human body is loaded naturally with probiotics but for all individuals the ratio of good microorganism and bad microorganism will be differ in counts, we have to improvise our gut system with good microbes. Some studies on probiotics says that they help to improve vaginal and urinary health. Our human body consist of trillions of MICROBIOMES, these microbiome plays a vital role in development of human health in an improved way.

A newborn baby when it born through normal delivery the bacteria from a mother to a child more probiotic will be transferred in this process, which is good for immunity Development, where else baby born in caesarian don’t have these benefits of bacterial exposing and increase in Good microbes

That’s why after baby born feeding is advisable even afterwards also breast feeding is advised by most doctors thereby babies get lot of health benefits on this good microbe through feeding.

Most common threats to Good microbes

1.Chlorinated drinking water

2.processed foods in the market.

The gastrointestinal tract has good microbes which when found in a balanced amount of several species in a right proportion can give gut health and provide optimum health.80% of immune system health is present when gut health is value the probiotics know it’s immense benefit on overall health of human body and take it regularly in your diet and buildup strong immunity power and thereby prevent several diseased conditions.


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