Problem Solving-A Case Study

Problem solving is a huge task; it is a skill which helps to solve the complex issues when arisen. Today’s lifestyle leads to several problems in the relationship due to lack of time (less amount of time spent with the closed ones), Pressure in the job, difference of opinion etc. The problem may be small or big, it can be solved for the client in supporting them to attain good customer service to the member and thereby solving the issues or finding the root cause of problems and try to eradicate them away. Thereby to prevent the future occurring problems. 

Types of problems                   

There are 4 types of problems which are discussed in below,

  1. Problems which requires only action to get solved
  2. Problems which require an additional expertise to get cleared from the issues
  3. Problems which require creative approaches thereby to solve the problem
  4. These problems are the unknown problems which are need to be identified

Who encounter these Problems

          Problems are not meant for you or me, it’s commonly found for everyone. The level of problem will differ from person to person and if you know to tackle these problems by good problem solving skills then you’re going to rock, since when issue or problem arise in family or at work environment, when we handle it efficiently and solve it then we become the superior person by knowing to handle the situation in a smoother way, there by your issue is solved, mind is healthier and free from unwanted stress and thoughts. Try to solve problems then and there.


Relationship Flops and Poor Problem Solving Skills         

“The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year”.

                                                               John Foster

                                             Dulles, Former U S Secretary of State

Generally solving problem is a quite risk we can say, but when taken that risk with putting your effort more efficiently and diagnosing the root cause of problem, identify the cause, where exactly the problem starts get thinken by them for some time, also if possible discuss with your dear ones, they will share some ideas and thoughts, some guidance from them can even help you out to get more potential solutions. So improve your problem solving skills and get free from relationship breakups. Try to be adjustable in nature, mold up you according to the situation and accept the fact.


Features of Problems

Problems have two types of features one is goal and the other is barriers lets discuss on both features.

  1. Goal- Aiming to achieve something that you desire is the goal. For example in a gym you have to work out regularly but you have a goal in mind to reduce your weight and reach certain weight and become slimmer, so that becomes your target and you keep on working on it and fixed on mind, keep doing workout to achieve the goal.
  2. Barriers- In achieving your goal when there is no barrier means then there wouldn’t be a problem at all, so applying problem solving skill at that time helps to overcome these obstacles thereby helps in achieving the goal.


When we make over our mind to accept what happening is right and try to avoid unwanted expectations.  Then the problem is no more. Avoid worrying, keep smiling, and allow your mind and heart to remain healthier by eradicating these problems and depression, stress from your mind.

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