Quick Effective and simple remedies to deal with piles!

Piles are also called as hemorrhoids which is usually caused due to imbalance in all three doshas.

What is piles?

– It is a painful condition where it starts from severe constipation (Hard stools).

– After constipation, it becomes difficult for the patient to pass stools totally.

– It causes bleeding while passing the stool which might lead to anemia in many people.

– It might cause burning sensation as well.

– Severe weight loss and weakness is also seen.

What causes piles?

– Excess intake of spicy food.

– Excess alcohol intake.

– Fasting

– Climatic change (Extreme hot climate)

– Horse riding, excessive two-wheeler riding

What are the clinical symptoms of piles?

– Constipation

– Dryness of anus

– Tiredness in legs

– Severe anemia

– Regurgitation

– Painful stools

– Reduced quantity of stools

What are the home remedies to deal with piles?

  1. 1 tsp of haritaki + 1 tsp of jaggery consume before food in three meals.
  2. 1 tsp of triphala with buttermilk.
  3. 150 ml cumin water twice a day.
  4. Take 1 tsp of ginger paste + 10 mint leaves + 2 tsp of lemon juice + 1 tsp of honey and consume it 2 times a day.
  5. 3 ml of aloe vera + 150 of water immediately after waking up.
  6. 1 glass of spinach juice every day.
  7. Dry mango seeds and make a powder. Take 1 tsp of powder twice a day.
  8. Apply sesame oil on the piles area.

What precautions needs to be taken for a patient suffering from piles?

– Avoid sitting on hard surface.

– Avoid sitting in the toilets for longer period of time.

– Avoid taking high caffeine beverages.

– Avoid spicy foods.

Herbs to deal with piles :-

– Sesame

– Haritaki

– Trivrit

– Aragwadha

– Amalaki

– Mulaka

– Draksha

Yogasanas to deal with piles:-

(1) Pavanmukhtasana

– Lie on your back. Keep your body aligned.

– Keep your feet together and bring it closer to your stomach.

– Take a deep breath and hold that position.

– Inhale and exhale properly while you are doing the asana

(2) Bhujangasana

– Lie on the floor on your stomach.

– Touch your forehead on the floor.

– Keep your feet together.

– Keep your hands near yourself.

– Lift your forehead upwards without moving your back.

– Inhale and exhale during this workout.

(3) Vajrasana

– Sit on the floor.

– Fold your legs.

– Let your heel touch your butt.

– Put your hands on your thighs.

– Hold yourself in this position.

– Inhale and exhale.

(4) Sarvangasana

– Lie down on the floor with your stomach touching the ground.

– Raise your legs and bring it to right angle position

– Raise your back portion up to attain proper position.

– If you want, you can place your hands on your back for support.

(5) Matsyasana

– Lie on your back.

– Bend your knees and keep your feets on the floor while doing this.

– Lift your back up, place your palms below your back.

– Hold yourself for 10 counts inhaling and exhaling.

(6) Halasana

– Lie on your back, with your arms beside your thighs.

– Inhale and lift your core and push your legs towards your head in a 90-degree angle.

– Hold yourself as much as you can.

– Inhale and exhale

(7) Suryanamaskar

– This is a salutation pose which is a combination of many different poses.

– Start with cobra pose and gradually go ahead.

– Do 10 rounds of suryanamaskar every day to stay fit and get rid of piles!


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