Radiation Therapy and Common Side Effect- Anemia!


  • When it comes to cancer, a patient will do anything and everything when it comes to cure it!
  • Radiotherapy is one such therapy which is widely used in cancer treatment but more often clubbed with chemotherapy. That’s why people get confused between chemotherapy and radiotherapy because of the combination used in the treatment.
  • About radio therapy or radiation therapy, it uses high energy waves to destroy the cells.
  • Ionizing radiation is a powerful one which have the ability to Destroy these devils to give you a cancer free life.
  • The main aim of any therapy used in cancer is to kill the abnormally growing cancer cells. High energy waves used in this therapy does nothing different.
  • But usually, radiotherapy works for those types of cancer where a single part is affected. Focusing on single part will help in saving the healthy cells which otherwise gets destroyed while killing abnormally growing cancerous cells.
  • When used with chemotherapy, better effects are seen.
  • Radiotherapy can be used before, during and after chemotherapy sessions as well.
  • About the side effects, like a coin has 2 sides, similarly every situation also has 2 sides. If these therapies are killing your cancerous cells to make you live longer on the other hand is destroying healthy cells as well. In this situation you have to take physical benefits of yoga.
  • How much will be the effects of the therapy, what damage will be caused and stuffs will all be decided on the basis of type of cancer, dosage of the drug or intensity of the waves used. Not everyone requires equal dosage, so difference in the side effects will also be commonly seen!
  • Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is most commonly abbreviated as RT or XRT or RTx. So next time you see anything like this written, you can understand it better.

What are the most common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy?

When healthy cells are killed during therapy sessions, other problems in the body is bound to rise. Our body is a machine and even if the smallest part is damaged, machine will not work. The same goes with your body. With such heavy dosage of chemo and intensity of radiotherapy, side effects are bound to happen!


  • This is perhaps the most common side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Heavy dosage of drugs harms the cells which produces blood which results into decreased production of blood resulting into anaemia.
  • Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body so when these red blood cells are not produced, oxygen supply all over the body will reduce which will cause the body to get tired earlier than usual.
  • Fatigue is just one symptom which people undergoing chemotherapy might experience. Apart from this; pale skin, confusion, weakness throughout the day is something which accompanies fatigue due to anaemia.

Other side effects will be covered up in upcoming articles!

Stay tuned 🙂

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