Man or women expects healthy and beautiful hair with good volume. In today’s world there seems lots of pollution and contaminants. These hazardous substances can damage the root hair and affect in growth of hair, thereby causing hair problems like split ends, baldness, dandruff, low density hair etc.  Faulty food habits and modified lifestyle pattern is also causative factor for the hair problems.  Now a days so many products are available in the market that are filled with chemicals, which will damage the root of the hair thus causing low hair density level and hair fall, baldness etc. So please stay away from these chemical substances and choose natural products that will nourish your hair, revitalize and enables hair growth.

Here given below methods is the home remedy method to increase the hair volume naturally without any side effects, so let’s see about it.

Indian Gooseberry

Take one table spoon of Indian gooseberry, to it add two tablespoon of coconut oil mix well nicely.  Now heat this mixture nicely, strain it then cool it. Now your hair serum is ready to use. Take cotton balls and just soak little oil in it and apply on hair roots and massage for five minutes. Then allow it to remain in scalp overnight, in the next day morning without applying shampoo, just wash it off in warm water. Repeatedly do this at least twice or thrice a week to get best results.

Onion juice

Take onion, prepare juice of it in a blender, then mix it with yogurt, coconut oil nicely and then apply it on your hair roots nicely and evenly. Allow it to dry and then wash it with warm water. This is cheap and best method to increase your hair volume and make your hair shining. This onion juice is healthier remedy method to grow hair even in the bald areas.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds are best remedy to increase your hair volume. Cumin seeds contain antioxidants and the silicon content of cumin seeds helps in gaining hair volume and hair growth. Take the cumin seeds and soak it in olive oil overnight. Next day morning use this oil by just gently applying on your scalps and allow it to remain in your hair for 30 minutes. Afterwards wash your hair in warm water. It is an excellent remedy to gain hair volume.

Green Tea

 Green tea is loaded with antioxidants; this green tea has anti bacterial effects which help in protecting hair. Green tea helps in weight loss and aids in healthy and shiny hair with good hair volume. Prepare green tea then allow it to cool and now apply it on your scalps and allow it to remain for 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Then rinse your hair nicely with warm water.

Hibiscus leaves

Hibiscus leaves and flowers are good for your hair. This leaves helps to retain the hair growth and thus hair volume is increased. Take hibiscus leaves and ground it well, mix water to it and prepare paste of it. This hibiscus pack can be applied on entire head or on just scalp region, then you can allow it to dry for 2 hrs and rinse with water. This is good remedy and an effective way to gain hair volume naturally.

Olive oil

Take olive oil and mix with some honey, then apply this mixture evenly on your hair and leave it for half an hour. Then you can wash the hair with normal water. For best results try this remedy twice a week and get your hair density increased.


Take one avocado, one banana to it add one table spoon of olive oil and mix well all three ingredients nicely, mash the both fruits well and now your hair pack is ready, you can apply it on your scalp region. After 30-40 minutes rinse with water and then shampoo your hair. You can see nourishment in hair also by adding density to the hair naturally.  Avocado is loaded with good quantity of vitamin-E it helps in nourishing hair with required nutrients and also makes the hair glow.

Aloe Vera

Take two leaves of fresh aloe Vera, extract the gel from it. Now you can apply this aloe gel on your scalp and head region. Allow it to remain for 30 minutes then rinse your hair with warm water. Continue this remedy at least once or twice a week and you can get good results of denser hair.

Henna leaves

Henna leaves to be taken in a 1 cup measurement and along this add water little then grind it nicely to make henna paste, apply this mixture on scalp region and allow it to dry for 1-2 hrs and then wash your hair well, when repeatedly you do this mechanism, it will improve your hair growth and enhance your hair density, also gives hair natural color.


Flaxseeds are excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and it helps in promoting hair health. Take one quarter cup of flaxseeds, to it add water and soak it over night. Then in next morning, take that flaxseeds and add 2 cups of water to it and nicely boil well it. You can see the flaxseeds becomes foamy and in gel consistency, now you can use this gel alone by straining water separately and use it as an hair gel. It has an amazing result. Good for those who have curly hair. This gel has to be cooled and then used on hair.

So try using this simple awesome home remedy method to strengthen your hair, practice it regularly and get increased in hair volume naturally without the side effects of harmful chemicals. Hope the above information shared will be benefiting you, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like my articles please keep sharing it with your friends and family members on social media. Have a great day.

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